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Letter To The Editor: The Truth Behind The Unpaid Checks

From City Hall Insider Who Asked to Remain Anonymous Due To Retaliatory Nature Of The Administration

[Editor’s note: The following is a letter to the editor from a city hall employee who wanted to share with the residents of Mount Vernon what is really going on. Concerned about all the misinformation being dispensed via social media, they came to BW. Due to the retaliatory nature of the Thomas Administration, they came forward asking to remain anonymous. We spent the next week to ten days, vetting the information in the letter and required further proof before publishing. We were given the documents that follow the letter and share it all with you the public, so you can make a more informed choice on what you believe and who you support going forward. You will see statements signed that show payment was made and the fuel company has also verified that payment was made and told us off the record that an order was never made for the oil and that’s why it hadn’t come. But Comptroller Walker and Council President called the fuel company and they confirmed receipt of payment. Once again the follow is a letter from a city hall employee who wanted the whole truth to come out.]

Two days before the storm, Mayor Thomas embarked on a Trump-style campaign of fear for the residents and local businesses by falsely stating on social media that the Comptroller was not paying the fuel bills and there would not be enough fuel to power the DPW trucks.

 It’s unfortunate that the Mayor uses the ignorance of the people in the political process of the city for his malicious benefits. Why wasn’t the Mayor coordinating his efforts with the department of finance for the good of the city instead of trying to demonize the Comptroller for not paying the bills?

The word around Mt. Vernon political circles is that the Mayor along with all the other city elected officials met with some local pastors and an agreement was made “NOT” to go on social media attacking each other. But as we see by Mayor Thomas’ actions, he broke his promise to the pastors. The big question is now what are the Pastors going to do as a corrective measure against the Mayor for lying to them? If they do nothing than Thomas has politically punked them, again. A city with one the most powerfulest preachers on the East Coast, Rev. W. Franklyn Richardson

Wednesday, City Council President, Roberta Apuzzo called for the resignation of Mayor Thomas because of his constant violations of city laws and lies to the people of Mt. Vernon. Thomas’ first year has been nothing but chaos and questionable illegal and unethical actions by his administration.

Those who attended the press conference that are politically astute noticed that former Senator, now an aide to the Governor, Ruth Hassell-Thompson was standing on the side with the City Council. Was this a silent message from the Governor? Hmmmm! Only time with tell.

To put an end to all of Thomas’ buffoonery. The Watchdog has copies of the so-called unpaid checks. Actually, we have cashed checks made out to Sprague Operating Resources as evidence of payment by the Comptroller’s office.

Check#136497 for $3,180.52 and check #136374 in the amount of $3,189.52 were sent to the Mayor’s office on March 9, 2017, and March 10, 2017.

While the Mayor was grandstanding on social media about no fuel for DPW, the payment for the fuel was lying on his desk waiting for his signatures! What an asshole! Hypocrisy at it’s finest!

It is no secret that the Mayor sat on hundreds of checks and refused to sign them. At one time the Mayor has had over 200 checks unsigned in his office while to Comptroller’s office waited to make payment to vendors like the fuel company. You may remember several of those checks went missing and were illegal cashed. Rumor has it one of the main reason for the firing of Commissioner Robert Kelly in addition to preventing the mayor’s convicted federal gun trafficking brother from being put back on at the fire department was Kelly was closing in on the source of the stolen checks and their connection to the mayor’s office

RIGHT NOW the Mayor has still refused to sign the checks to Con Ed totaling $110,634.07. This is a complete dereliction of duty by Mayor Thomas and a slap in the face of the residents of Mt. Vernon and all who voted for him with the promise of change and making Mount Vernon great again.

[Editor’s Note: With all the misinformation from every direction, competing email blast and newsletters, it’s hard to know what to know what to believe. So BW took extra time to verify all the information in this letter to the editor, requiring proof. Once again the author’s name has been withheld since it is obvious they work in City Hall and they fear for their job with the retaliatory nature of the Thomas Administration, but could not with a clear conscious, sit back and watch all this misinformation being passed on to the public as truth. We expect the administration to try to discredit us and the author and continue to call us fake news, but if that is the case and not just another baseless accusation, we invite the administration to sue us for libel and take us to court and attempt to prove we published false statement(s) that are damaging to a person’s reputation; or a written defamation. We stand by what we publish and challenge you to prove anything in Black Westchester Magazine is not true. We have constantly invited those in question to talk to us on the record or come on the People Before Politics Radio Show and share your side of the story and provide proof what we have written is incorrect, but instead, all we get is baseless accusations after baseless accusations, and more baseless accusation. As promised we will continue to share with the public and bring to light what you are doing in the dark and do not want the public to know.]


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  1. Bill Cappello // March 24, 2017 at 7:30 AM //

    From the letter from the unnamed City Hall person who wrote the letter: “It’s unfortunate that the Mayor uses the ignorance of the people in the political process of the city for his malicious benefits.”
    The previous Mayor did the same. It’s nothing new. It’s all part of politics. I’m not saying it’s the right thing to do, but it’s the way the politicians mess with the people to further their own agenda.

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