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Trump Supporters Take Over The Capitol And Trump Called Peaceful Black Protestors Terrorists

Imagine how different the response would have been if these were Black Lives Matter Protestors

First let me start by saying the Trump supporters who took over the Capitol, Wednesday afternoon with impunity are TERRORISTS! Any media outlet who called them protesters needs to be called out. These individuals were not protestors, the members of this Trump-loving mob are terrorists. Imagine if these were Black Lives Matters Protesters, how different law enforcement would have dealt with them.

Where was the National Guard, the Capitol Police, Metropolitan Police, Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, the military even? Where was law enforcement who used tear gas on peaceful protesters to clear Lafayette Square so Trump can take a photo op in front of a church.

The incident at the Capitol exposes once and for all – for the whole world to see – how law enforcement deals with unarmed peaceful Black Protestors and how they deal with armed white Terrorists who were allowed to invade the Capitol and disrupt the confirmation of a new president. This was nothing short of criminal chaos on Capitol Hill with Trump’s encouragement. Trump encouraged the violence from his supporters, filling them with lies about an election being stolen from him and people are surprised when they listened and then acted.

This country has a history of using fire hoses, dogs, pepper spray, spitting on, beating up and then arresting unarmed Blacks for fighting for the justice, freedom and equality. These insurgents were allowed to invade the Capitol and even when being cleared out, there was no shooting first because law enforcement feared for their life from the armed terrorists who could not accept the fact that their candidate loss. Can you see, feel and smell the irony?

Law Enforcement said they were unprepared. Wait what? Have they been paying attention to the words coming out of the occupier of the White House’s mouth. How long do you think Trump could fan the flames and then pour gasoline on the fire before something like this was going to happen? But the rioters and terrorists were not met with the same intensity and brutality. None of the armed terrorists were killed or beat up by the police. It was like there was a call not to use force like Black and Brown protesters face. Black and Brown protesters would not have made it up those steps. If they kept coming they would have been shot and the United States Capital would have been protected at any cost. But these rioters took over the very steps Biden will be sworn in on in 15 days and entered the U.S. Capitol building on Wednesday, January 6, 2020, forcing members of Congress and Vice President Pence to evacuate in the middle of certifying the results of the 2020 presidential election.

The world watched a scene we are used to seeing in other countries when they overthrow the government. The difference was, it was the head of the government encouraging the chaos with provably false claims that the election was stolen from him. Even Bill Maher called this for over a year before the election on his long-running, Emmy-nominated talk show, Real Talk With Bill Maher on HBO. He asked all candidates and elected officials who appeared on his show, were they prepared if Trump lost and doesn’t want to leave. Many people laughed at the comedian, thinking it was another joke and acted like it couldn’t happen. How the hell, were the Capitol Police not prepared? This is what they do, they handle massive marches and protests in DC with ease, so that lame rationalization is inexcusable.

I go one further do you think this behavior will end on January 21st on Joe Biden first day in office. Over 74 million people believe Biden is not their president and that the election was stolen from Donald Trump. We have a bigger problem that the media won’t call out and many people are disillusioned that things are just going to go back to the norm. Trump has shattered all norms, empowered all the racists, bigots and white supremists. I do not believe that law enforcement misread the threat, it comes off like they were ordered not to use force. Even Trump doesn’t comprehend what his hate is igniting and I really do not think he even cares.

There was a woman who was shot inside the U.S. Capitol during the violent pro-Trump protest, she later died probably at the hand of the Capitol Police. Black Westchester offers our condolences to her family. As a Black Man in America, the chaos caused by the Pro-Trump Mob who stormed the Capitol and law enforcements handling of it is one more example of the double standard treatment of Blacks-vs-Whites by law enforcement in this country.

This is another stain on this country’s history and the legacy of systematic racism of law enforcement and the criminal justice system in America. Protests are encouraged in this country unless you are Black or Brown then you are labeled a terrorist, while today’s insurgence who occupied the U.S. Capitol were called protesters by the mainstream media. The divisions in this country truly run deep, and today was just another example of that and that’s Real Talk!


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