June 10, 2023
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Letter To The Editor: Transparency is a word the Mount Vernon City Council does not know.

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Griffith, Apuzzo and Edwards passed a resolution giving the Alexander Group the right to run the Broad St. Municipal Garage.

Tuesday September 22 they put out their agenda for the City Council meeting being held on Wednesday September 23.
On Wednesday at 4 PM they added what they called an agreement to terminate a lease for air rights for the Broad St Garage.

What it actually did was to give the Alexander Group the right to take over and have valet parking in the garage and charge what they are calling market rates.
The 300 plus people with monthly parking permits will have their rates go from $45 to $65 and become $150 to $300 within two years.

This City Council does not care about the citizens of Fleetwood. They think that a 16 story building will bring in younger & wealthier people
They totally ignore the 1400 people who signed their names in protest of this project.
They show disrespect and distain for the citizens living in the Fleetwood area now.
With the help of the Planning Board and the blessing of Mayor Davis they are having a 16 story apartment house
being built on one of the busiest traffic corners in Mount Vernon, right off the exit of the Cross County Parkway.

They are keeping the building with only 249 units so they do not have to do an Environmental study
An Environmental study is needed only when there are 250 units in an apartment house.

John D

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