June 6, 2023

International Basketball Star Torey Thomas Reveals All

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Torey and his Mom Rosemary Thomas
Torey and his Mom Rosemary Thomas

There’s some people you meet and you just know they will undoubtedly be read about in the history books. However, rarely have I personally had the privilege of working with someone who’s actions completely exemplify the mantra they live by. He Aspires to Inspire, perfectly fitting title of his new book. He tirelessly gives back to the community, and deeply cares about all kids not just his own. I’ve witnessed him bring an entire community together and take a financial loss just to see the his neighborhood move one step closer to unity, something not many are willing to do!

Try to box him in.. Yea lol good luck with that on or off the court.. He averaged 25.6 points, 7.6 rebounds, 6.6 assists and 3.1 steals per game for Akropol in his very first season as professional player. Later named the Player of the Year in the Swedish Basketligan. Trust me this point guard is on point pun intended. Ladies I know your already wondering.. Yes he is single!!! But make no mistake he is driven by purpose not paper so be prepared to deal with a man who’s immensely passionate about his pursuits.

Torey and his Mom Rosemary Thomas

He comes from an amazing family with a God-fearing praying Mother, phenomenally supportive sisters and brothers whom I personally know are outstanding inside and out. Hard to not be successful with such deep-seeded reinforcements in your corner. Honestly speaking, I don’t have to toot his horn, his track record speaks for itself.. ! On this go around we did something different.. instead of the normal way I interview, being we were starving, we went out to eat and hit record on the camera. This interview may rank up there with one of my favs because of the genuity of his spirit. Oh and he dropped an exclusive surprise of where he’s playing next year !! Black Westchester it is my pleasure to introduce Mr Pick And Roll Himself.. The extremely talented international basketball star Mr. Torey Thomas!

If ever you’re in White Plains.. Look him up he’s always in the community doing something extraordinary enriching the lives of others when he’s not playing overseas. Selfless, family oriented, humble, extremely personable and approachable all around amazing human being. We at Black Westchester support all Torey’s endeavors, and look forward to all his wonderful events and fantastic season in Poland! Be sure to stop by GoTorey.com for all updates, merchandise and everything Torey!

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