May 28, 2023

Nike Releases New LeBron James Commercial For The King’s Homecoming, Titled – Together

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The homecoming of LeBron James is almost complete. At 8 p.m. ET on Thursday, the Cleveland Cavaliers will take on the New York Knicks at home in what will be LeBron’s first game since his decision to “come home.”

When the King left for Miami, the city reeled. When he returned, it rejoiced. Nike has released this chilling ad entitled “Together,” in which LeBron breaks down the Cavs huddle with the entire city of Cleveland joining in.

He tells his teammates what—and who—they’re playing for:

Every single night, every single practice, every single game, we gotta give it all we got. Cuz’ they gon’ ride with us. Everything that we do on this floor is because of this city. We owe them. We gon’ grind for this city. They gon’ support us, man, but we gotta give it all back to them. We get it done. The toughness that we have on the court is gon’ come from this city. Everybody. The whole city of Cleveland. That’s what it’s all about. It’s time to bring ’em something special.


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