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Three Alarm Fire Breaks Out Days After Fulton Firehouse Was Closed For The Day

Firefighters Injured Battling Blaze at Mount Vernon Church

The Temporary Closure Of The Fulton Avenue Firehouse

Last Tuesday, July 14th, Thomas joined by union officials including, Yonkers Fire Union President Barry McGoey, held a press conference in front of the Fulton Ave Station to discuss how one of the three fire stations in Mt Vernon being closed could put lives in danger.

Mayor Ernie Davis called the temporary, unofficial closing of the Fulton Street firehouse on Tuesday a publicity stunt coordinated by his political opponents and “rogue” fire union members, reported Lohud.

Davis went on to say in the article the situation was choreographed. If the lights were turned out, he said, it wasn’t an administration decision, “The firehouse was not closed,” he said. “It’s as simple as that. Somebody’s playing unholy games.”

Former Mayor Clinton Young, who is also running for to regain the mayoral seat and has been quiet on every issue publicly until now, said he felt the firehouse only reopened because of the scrutiny on the closure. Young also denied anyone was exaggerating the city’s public safety issues, “That is the No. 1 responsibility of the mayor to keep the city safe,” he told Lohud.

“As Mayor, I would ensure that the Mt. Vernon Fire Department has what it needs to battle blazes in our backyard and discontinue the abuse of mutual aid which jeopardizes residents of Mt. Vernon and neighboring areas,” Thomas who showed up at the scene with cases of water to keep the firefighters hydrated in the heat, tells BW.


The bottom-line here is the Mount Vernon Fire Department is sorely under staffed as has been stated by Thomas, Young and members of MVFD, who would like to remain anonymous because of what they called a retaliatory measure being taken against them from City Hall for months now. We as Mount Vernon residents can not allow the politicians to continue to play with fire at our expense.

We can not allow the Fire Department to be used as a campaign stunt to get our vote or deter us from voting for another candidate, but must use or power to vote to demand our Fire Departments and hardworking firefighters get what they need to be able to keep us safe with out other communities having to come to our rescue endangering themselves to bail us out. While the candidates are campaigning make sure you ask the tough questions and demand answers, and then make an informed decision.

It was reported that four firefighters suffered primarily heat-related injuries. No other injuries were reported, and what cities the firefighters were from that got injured was not reported by time we ran the story.




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