May 28, 2023
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Councilman Thomas Officially Enters Mt. Vernon Mayoral Race

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Mount Vernon — City Councilman Richard Thomas became the fourth candidate to officially announce his candidacy for Mayor of Mount Vernon on the steps of City Hall on Saturday. Thomas joins Councilwoman Debra Reynolds, Senator Ruth Hassell-Thompson and Mayor Ernie Davis to jump into a Democratic Party primary, that promises to add up to three more candidates (Former Mayor Clinton Young, Comptroller Maureen Walker and rumors are Marc Stuckey may be running as well) over the next coming weeks.

“I have a vision for Mt. Vernon’s future and it is rooted in our proud past,” Thomas tells BW. “A vision where families can grow, our streets are safe, and businesses can thrive. I am running for Mayor because I believe in Mt. Vernon. I have the courage to lead on the issues and will create an inclusionary, responsive environment in City Hall. Join [Richard Thomas for Mayor] and own part of the movement to rebuild Mt. Vernon so it can become a great city again, with good schools, low taxes, jobs, and a secure future for our youth and elderly.”

While many in the city have complained, it needs to move in another direction, but some of those same people have questioned Thomas’ age, asking is he old enough to handle the mighty task at hand. Others have said despite what they have seen and heard about him they admit they know little about him. So just who is Richard Thomas, the young Councilman who has been consistently calling for accountability and transparency from the current administration.

Richard Thomas, whose running on the theme, ‘Results Not Rhetoric’ was born in Mount Vernon was born and raised in Mount Vernon. Born in Mt. Vernon Hospital, schooled in Mount Vernon public schools and has become an active and influential member of the Mount Vernon community, according to his website. As part or the millennial generation, Thomas, who currently chairs the Committee on Legislation and Public Works and co-chairs the Committee on Finance and Planning, hopes to step up and represent for the future of the city, once referred to as Money-Earnin’ Mt. Vernon.

He is married to his college sweetheart, has one child and another on the way. His website, describes Thomas: “Raised a Christian, his road to results is guided by hard work and faith. Thomas has received numerous awards for his professional achievements and volunteer efforts. Today, Thomas “walks his faith” as a Mount Vernon Councilman, business executive, mentor for local youth, and father of a growing family.”

For more information on Richard Thomas check out his website
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