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The Way To Wellness by Suga Ray

You may be thinking, "it's easier said than done", but once you make a commitment to being healthy, You will be amazed how easy being healthy becomes.

wpid-screenshot_2014-11-14-17-48-57.pngWhen many people think of wellness, or being healthy, they think of dieting, or strenuous exercise, or pills and/or having to do a whole bunch of stuff required by a whole bunch of people. Some people get intimidated with even the thought of being healthy. The truth is, although there are general rules to wellness, because everyone is different, everyone’s journey to wellness will be different, and that’s ok. Wellness is our natural state. What is unnatural is the amount of people and the rate at which said people are experiencing and dying from preventable and reversible dis-eases. In America, in the last 100 years, as a people we have gotten away from the ways of old. We used to walk everywhere and make natural herbal remedies when ill. Also, when someone was ill, the people in the community would all send positive thoughts (prayers) of healing, comfort and strength. In ancient times, people knew that physical wealth was in large part determined by mental and emotional health, meaning; if one thought positive and kept an upbeat spirit, had an optimistic outlook on their lives and life in general, they would be less likely to experience any of the major illnesses such as high blood pressure, hypertension, stress and cancer.

In 2014 going into 2015, in the age of information, the age of technology, we are sicker than ever. There is a vast amount of information, literally at our fingertips, on how to not only reverse illness, but prevent it altogether. We have gotten lackadaisical with even the basic exercises like walking and stretching. We’re too busy. We’re in a rush to do everything. We don’t get enough rest. And on top of that, the foods we have been eating either isn’t real food, but food like products, or it’s saturated with additives and chemicals that were never meant for human consumption. We have dug a nice ditch for ourselves, and not only are we are too busy to notice we’re falling in, but we’re too busy to even realize we’ve dug a ditch in the first place.

Although we find ourselves in a peculiar situation as it relates to our health, the good news is that we can make advancements and turn it all around. Some say, “it’s easier said than done”, and that’s understood, but I want to let all of you know that once you make a commitment to being healthy, it’s amazing how easy being healthy becomes.

Here are a few tips to get you on your way to wellness;
● When waking up in the morning, take a breath, process it, then release. Do this a few times. Then, set your intention for the day. Say a prayer or do a meditation, creating the day for yourself.
● Stretch when getting out of bed. (Stretching loosens your muscles, which loosens your tissues, which help your cells and nerves function properly)
● Drink warm water, preferably with lemon. (Warm water helps activate the internal organs and drinking lemon juice is a form of detox/cleansing)
● Eat less meat and dairy products (meat and dairy products cause mucus to form around the cells which creates constipation, which many holistic health practitioners say is the root cause of all dis-ease)
● Spend time gazing at the sun (sun gazing provides the mind and body with essential minerals & nutrients)
● Get some rest (rest is not simply sleep. Rest can mean sitting or laying down, reading, writing or simply lost in one’s own thoughts and is essential to not only our physical health, but our mental and emotional health as well.)

I just wanted to share a few tips I use myself as I embrace the reality of wellness. So again, to dispel the myth that being healthy takes a lot of work, as you can see from the tips above, the most work wellness demands is that one make the commitment. It really is that simple.

Ask yourselves a question; Do I want to be healthy and truly experience all of life’s beauty and bliss? If yes, then ask yourself; what’s stopping me?!

The world is yours beloveds and wellness is awaiting you!

Health, Life & Prosperity,
Lashawn “Suga Ray” Marston


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