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The Truth Is Not Ruth [A Letter To The Editor – Campaign Finance Reports]

Hi my name is Omar Cole I was looking over the Journal News and I saw some funny things regarding Ruth and I wanted to submit something to your website.

My source for this is the Journal News and the NYS Board of Elections website.

What does Ruth Hassell-Thompson have to hide? I recently read an article in the Journal News about the Fleetwood Citizen’s Society Mayoral Debate. 

At the bottom of the article there was a mention about how much the candidates had raised and I noticed that Ruth Hassell-Thompson has not filed a single report in 2015.

This is the same woman who was under watch by the Feds and who targeted as a lawmaker, who was corrupt by the previously incarcerated State Senator Shirley Huntley, who went to jail for corruption and stealing from a non-profit for personal use.

At the debate Ruth Hassell-Thompson talked about leadership, but she has FAILED to pass any of the 70 bills she has sponsored through the Senate in 2015. Not one single bill and yet she talks about her leadership and experience and vision as if it has made a difference as of late.

Ruth touts her leadership and transparency, but she has been ineffective lately as a legislator over the last few years. She has done nothing in the Senate to help Mt. Vernon and we don’t need any more corrupt and career politicians to become the mayor.

In September voters sent a message to these career politicians that the old guard was changing and electing Richard Thomas for Mayor.

The Democrats in power have tried to discredit, intimidate an undermine Richard Thomas on his path to become Mayor. It is something that I haven’t seen in all my years and it shows how desperate people like Ernie Davis, Maureen Walker, Clinton Young and Ruth Thompson are in protecting their own network of corruption.

Ruth Thompson has been at the state senate for almost twenty years and now she feels she can retire and become a part-time mayor here in Mount Vernon to pad her pension and do even less than she did in the Senate.

To all my friends and family in Mount Vernon beware of those who wish to treat our city as a dumping ground, beware of those who don’t want to adhere to the rules of campaign finance reporting, yet talk about being transparent and having an open door.

Click here to read the Senator’s response.


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