Celebrating Women’s Herstory Month: The Tajian Nelson Interview

In continuing our celebration of Women’s Herstory Month, Black Westchester caught up to Tajian Nelson, the first African-American Westchester County Board of Election Commissioner.

On Episode 322 of the People Before Politics Radio Show, Sunday, March 20th, Tajian spoke about being the first Black Female BOE Commissioner, the need for more civic training, Westchester County being prepared for the equivalent to the insurrection of Jan 6th, the function of the Board of Election and much more.

On Wednesday, February 16th, Tajian Nelson was unanimously selected by the Westchester County Democratic Party’s Executive Committee to become the next Democratic Commissioner at the Board of Elections.

“Last night I received the unanimous vote and support from the Westchester County Democratic Committee’s Executive Committee to become the next Democratic Board of Elections Commissioner, which will make me the first black female Westchester County Board of Elections Commissioner. I will be completing Commissioner LaFayette’s term effective in early March once signed off/approved by the Board of Legislators. I am truly beyond humbled and honored to have received the faith and support from all members in the Executive Committee from Chairwoman Suzanne Berger, First Vice Chair MaryAnn Carr, all Twelve Vice Chairs, my fellow officers, all 25 City and Town Chairs, State Committee members, former Chairs and our affiliate groups: Black Dems, Women Dems, Westchester Young Dems, Hispanic Dems, Hudson Valley Stonewall Dems and Westchester Asian American Dems. I must give special thanks to my Mt. Vernon Dems Chair Mary Graves and Somers/Northern Westchester Coalition Chair Christine Robbins for nominating me and to Yonkers Dems Chair Tom Meier for making the motion for all the Town/City Chairs to be listed as additional seconders to my nomination. Special shout-out and thanks to Westchester Black Women’s Political Caucus President Subomi Macaulay and my fellow chapter caucus sisters throughout the County especially my Mt. Vernon Chapter for their letter of support from the beginning and always,” Taijan posted on Facebook.

New Westchester County Board of Election Tajian Nelson surrounded by the Westchester County Board of Legislators [Black Westchester]

The Westchester Board of Legislators approved the appointment of Tajian Nelson as the Democratic commissioner at the Board of Elections, Tuesday, March 8th. Nelson is the first Black female commissioner of the county’s elections board, and it happened during Women’s History Month! She replaces Reginald LaFayette, who died in January. Nelson has worked at the board under Lafayette for years. Her term expires at the end of the year, but she has said she will seek reappointment for a full-term next year.

Black Westchester salutes and celebrates Tajian Nelson in her history making appointment.

For more information about the Board of Elections, the upcoming primary and general election, registering to vote, etc visit the BOE website.

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