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The Revolution Will Be Visualized Art Show At MVPL

Artist André LeRoy Davis creates a visual riot in the wake of social injustice

Mount Vernon – Despite the rain, dozens gathered at the Mount Vernon Public Library to check out the opening reception of The Revolution Will Be Visualized Art Exhibition, Saturday afternoon. The visual expression curated by André LeRoy Davis will be on display throughout Black History Month.

“Brooklyn born artist and curator André LeRoy Davis has decided to protest against the system. 17: The Revolution will be Visualized serves the “fire next time” that many anticipated, a visual riot in the wake of social injustice. With artists throwing brilliant images at the world instead of bombs, 17 assembles a diverse posse of seventeen artists, the number representing Trayvon’s “not still a kid, but not yet a man, age at the time of his death,” Michael A. Gonzales writes for the program distributed at the event. “17: The Revolution Will Be Visualized is more than an art show, its a show of solidarity.”

17 years of life, but not yet a man or woman. Black Families gather, wear t-shirts adorned by lost souls and they release balloons toward the heavens honoring loved ones murdered before reaching eighteen years of maturation. This show is a wake, a viewing, a celebration, a eulogy, a burial, a revival, a mourning, a prayer of comfort, a memoria, an acknowledgment, an obituary, a repast of thought and a repass… Black Westchester recommends every take a trip down to the Mount Vernon Public Library and experience this exhibition for yourself. It would make an incredible ad informative Black History Month celebrations for all.


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