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The Political, Legal and Criminal Decimation of Black America’s Dad

This article on Bill Cosby is not about his guilt or innocence. As a person that believes in accountability, it is only right for any person or persons who break the law that they should be held accountable. But when the law, the political and legal process is perverted, to convict a high profile Black man but that same perversion of the law, political and legal process is not used against any high profile White men, I have a problem.

I have had always said one of the most important elected positions a Black person can vote for is District Attorney. Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele, who led the prosecution against Cosby, ran his 2015 campaign for D.A. on a promise to prosecute Cosby for Constand’s alleged assault. Steele won the election and charged Cosby in December of 2015, before he was sworn in January 1, 2016 so the statute of limitations would not have expired.

There is a bigger picture of why Bill Cosby was found guilty! The legal constructs of America have always been double sided when it comes to Black People. Every Black person in America should have some realization that this is a fact. If not, then you are truly in the Sunken Place.  How can someone settle for 3.5 million dollars, seal the court documents, turn around ten years later and be the victim and key witness in a criminal trial? I have repeatedly asked for someone to show me any case law or a previous criminal case or cases where these same actions have been taken.  In 2006, Cosby made statements under the agreement he would receive a civil sanction but would not be prosecuted criminally, the judge agreed, and so did the victim. But Cosby has learned that what legal process prominent White Men are privileged to a Black man is not afforded the same privileges in the political and legal constructs of the law.

Every Black person needs to follow this complete trial of Mr. Bill Cosby because it speaks loudly to who owns this justice system. It is a clear example of who holds the direct power to determine someone’s faith.

What we have witnessed is how the legal process is perverted, turned upside down to destroy Black America’s Dad and only Black America’s Dad. What happened to the multitude of prominent “White Media Men” who have been accused of the same actions? Are their actions not crimes as well? As Black people, Black Journalist and Black leaders we should ask and demand the same laws used against these powerful White Media Men. This is not a time for us to play kumbaya with other whites on accountability. It’s our responsibility, our survival and our continuous struggle for fairness under the law to demand the prosecution of White Media men like Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer, Charlie Rose, Bill Oreilly and hundreds of other prominent and wealthy White Men who have been alleged of committing the same crimes, settled out of court for millions as Cosby and must be criminally charged as well.  But collectively we will not do that; we will stay silent because those who have a voice will not speak the truth that’s needed for fear of being label anti-something and lose advertisement.

Again, it’s not about Cosby’s innocence of guilt; it’s about the law and the continuous double standard in the law when it comes to Black People. We should never forget the Dredd Scott case.  On March 6, 1857, the U.S. Supreme Court issued its controversial decision on Scott v. Sandford — generally referred to as “the Dred Scott case.” The infamous, oft-quoted conclusion of the Supreme Court’s decision, written by Chief Justice Roger B. Taney, was that current or former slaves and their descendants had “no rights which the white man was bound to respect.” This Supreme Court ruling has Never been overturned!

Only in America will a Black man be found guilty with no evidence! And only in America can white police kill Black men on video with witnesses and walk free. It took white media years to kill Black America’s Dad. Create enough uproar to produce a political agenda to jail him while ill-informed Black folks cheer on while they have legalized their own demise.

No matter how we emotionally feel about the issue. They will try but fail to erase the cultural accomplishments that Cosby has done for black people. Mr. Cosby single-handedly resurrected Historical Black Colleges through the Cosby show while encouraging young black boys and girls to continue higher learning. Cosby gave the world a vision of a positive Black family that is still the blueprint for black family shows today.  They have systematically stripped Cosby but never what he will mean to Black America. Let’s sit back and see if these same tactics will be used for the powerful White Media Men and our Pussy Grabbing President…… I will wait!


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