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The Pelham Manor Racist Email Scandal Spreads to Eastchester

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The racist email scandal in Village of Pelham Manor seems to be the gift that keeps giving. The email addresses of another Westchester County police chief and two police lieutenants have been identified as part of the stream of e-mail distribution.

Days ago Damon K. Jones wrote an editorial about the need for real dialog is needed to discuss racism in Westchester’s Police Departments. While most police chiefs and commissioners in Westchester County claim there is no racism in their departments, this growing scandal in Pelham Manor tells a different story.

Joining Pelham Manor Police Chief Alfred Mosiello, a 35-year veteran of the department who held the top job for eight years, is Lieutenant David Donohue who its announced is retiring on February 28th.

Lt. Donohue recently ran the Pelham Manor Police Department while Chief Mosiello, took two weeks vacation before his official retirement date, march 1, after serving a two-week suspension imposed by the board of trustees, because of the racist emails. He worked his last day Friday, February 13th.

Timothy J. Bonci joined the Town of Eastchester Police Department in 1981 and was promoted to Sergeant in 1987. After becoming a Lieutenant in 1994, and Captain in 2004, he was appointed as the Chief of the Police in 2005.

According to sources, and as provided in the documentation below, Town of Eastchester Police Chief Timothy Bonci’s email address is, Eastchester Lieutenant George Barletta’s email address is, and Pelham Manor Police Lieutenant David Donohue’s email address is

Those three alleged email addresses apparently accompany Mosiello’s mail address,, in the racist emails entitled, the “New Breadwinner in the Family,” the “Joe vs Jose,” and “Shower Sex.”




AJ Woodson

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Mary Peppas September 8, 2018 at 4:33 PM

Receiving a email of questionable taste does not a racist make. Sending a racist email makes you a jerk. Stop race baiting.


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