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The Next Voice You Hear Will Be From The Residents of Westchester

After months of the silly season, an accumulation of accusations, petty personal attacks and let’s not forget plenty of political propaganda, I am proud to announce the next voice you will hear will be the people of Westchester County as they cast their votes for those who will run our cities, county legislature seats and sits in our county’s highest seat.

Every candidate and their supporters have told you why they were best for the job, why you should vote for them, why they were better than their opponents and can do a better job than those currently holding the position. Now comes the people chance to voice their opinion, cast their ballots. Today more than any other day the people get to tell the leaders what they want. Those whose job performance they like with get another term, those who they feel have not served the best interest of the people will vote for someone else to do the job.

That only happens if the people come out and exercise their right, they many had to fight for them to have. The voice of the people is only heard when they people come out and vote. Many of you have complained about the job some of our elected officials have or have not been doing. White its great to attend (and we suggest everyone does) the City Council and Board of Legislator meetings and express how you feel about the current state of your City or the County!

TODAY is YOUR day to let your VOICE be HEARD!!! So before sitting round the water cooler at work or the chilling at the local water hole or church event complaining about what’s wrong, remember back to this very minute, when you had the chance to let your voice be heard and you were too busy navigating the everyday struggles of life, did you go out and vote?

If not, you have no right to complain when you let this opportunity go by, because you were to busy doing something else. This election will be critical locally for cities of Mount Vernon as well as on the county level. You have about 8 hours left, it’s time to put up or shut up.

I close by asking this question, have you voted yet today? If not then it’s time to GET UP, GET OUT AND DO SOMETHING or SHUT UP and allow this critical moment of time pass you by! REAL TALK!!!


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