June 7, 2023
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The MVCSD and MVPL Trustee Election Results Are In?

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The polls have closed, and the votes are counted — but the unofficial results of the Mount Vernon City School District and Mount Vernon Public Library trustee election are not in yet confirmed.

Here’s what we do know, there were five Mount Vernon City School District (MVCSD) board seats up for election. Candidates running included: Gloria Atisogbuie, Kenyetta Collins, Cynthia Crenshaw, Precious Ferrell, Orville Gayle, Rosemarie Jarosz, Thomas Keller, Sabina Kelley, Donna Marable, Lynn Middleton, Warren Mitchell, Helene Njenga, and Erica Peterson.

According the the MVCSD Facebook page, voters approved the Mount Vernon City School District’s $265,969,821 school budget for the 2023-2024 school year by a 1,091-522 vote – unofficially – Tuesday night, May 16, 2023. Results will be certified and made official on Wednesday.

“I want to thank the Mount Vernon community for supporting this very important budget,” said Acting Superintendent Dr. K. Veronica Smith. “This is a sound spending plan that will keep our students safe, improve our programs and repair buildings to ensure that students can learn in comfortable, healthy spaces.”

Lynne Middleton (858 votes) was sworn in for a super term expiring June 30, 2026. The remaining school board seats will be decided after counting and verifying the 24 affidavit ballots, which is expected to be completed on Wednesday, May 17. The District will provide updates when the votes are tabulated the district also reported. Of the 109 absentee ballots some were declined but no explanation about how many were good and how many were not.

The remaining unofficial, we repeat unofficial winners in the race were Sabrina Kelley (830 votes), former trustee Warren Mitchell (823 votes), Orville Gayle (787 votes) and Cynthia Crenshaw (736 votes). The third highest vote getter will take over Jeff Redd seat that expires in July 2023.

The Mount Vernon Public Library (MVPL) Board Trustee election

There were four library board seats up for election. Candidates running included: Damaris Mone, Jonathan M. Davis, Delores Mack, Faith A. Walters, Lorretta Thomas, Tamara Stewart, James Carlos, Hope Marable, Gwendolyn J. Allbritton, and Ron Hood.

Delores Mack was the highest vote getter (730 votes). Loretta Thomas (625 votes), Hope Marable (602 votes) and Jonathan M. Davis (567). Damaris Mone came in close fifth place (560 votes) and is still in the running until after counting and verifying the 24 affidavit ballots.

Brenda L. Crumb who live streamed the election contributed to this story.

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