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“The Fight For Mt. Vernon Hospital Is Not Over” – Edward Yoo

New York State Nurses Association (NYSNA) Director of Strategic Research Edward Yoo breaks how we got to this point where Mount Vernon is in danger of losing full in-patient service in the hospital at the Save & Transform Mount Vernon Hospital Townhall Meeting, Monday night at Graham Elementary School. He wanted to educate Mount Vernon residents on the process of closing a hospital and what they can still intervene in the process that is not completed yet. To let know despite what they have been hearing from a campaign of misinformation from Montefiore, The Fight Is Not Over!

“The regulatory process to close the hospital and build this new replacement facility is not complete,” Yoo informs the 100 plus residents who gathered, Monday night at the town hall meeting at Graham Elementary School. “There are ways we can still engage with DOH (the Department of Health), with elected officials and the state government in order to keep the hospital open.

Yoo is just one of the speakers at the town hall meeting that included introductions and an overview from Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard, History of services at MV Hospital by RN Bernetta Urquart, who works on the Medical-Surgical Floor and NYSNA Nurses President, RN Judy Sheridan-Gonzalez and others.

While Black Westchester will post videos of the other in a break down of the town hall meeting in a separate post, we felt Edward Yoo’s message was so important we did not want it to get lost in the post with the other videos and wanted to make sure his message got out to the residents as intended.

The most important take away from everything Edward Yoo said in his presentation is The Fight Is Not Over! It won’t be easy and it will take everyone but from what Yoo explained there is still a process Montefiore must go through to close the hospital and open the new facility. Now that you know what you are prepared to do about it.

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