The Best Of People Before Politics Radio – The Terry Watson & Tajian Nelson Interviews

The Best Of Black Westchester presents The People Before Politics Radio. Hour one we are re-airing the Terry Watson interview. Author Terry Lee Watson appears on Black Westchester presents the People Before Politics Radio Show to discuss his new book ‘Welcome To The Sick Mind Of A Sane Person; Deconstructing Racism and White Supremacy,’ that considers what it means to be black in America, what must be done to effect meaningful change, and whether we should be hopeful about the future.

Hour Two – The Tajian Nelson Interview. Tajian Nelson, the first African-American Westchester County Board of Election Commissioner. Tajian spoke about being the first Black Female BOE Commissioner, the need for more civic training, Westchester County being prepared for the equivalent to the insurrection of Jan 6th, the function of the Board of Election and much more.

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