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Thanksgiving, Christmas, Murder and Love by Eternal Love

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My mother’s father was Mohawk and her mother was Trinidadian, and British. Since I was a child I have known about how the settlers hunted and cannibalized my Native family. The many horrible acts committed against my people of African, and Native ancestry have not been atoned for.

I acknowledge those whites that do stand up on truth, and I thank them, and encourage them to raise their babies in truth, and encourage others to do the same. I really do appreciate you!

I pray that you understand that non-whites cannot afford to wait for the rest of your people to join the struggle for universal truths realized though. We are under too much fire… Too many non-white lives are being lost, educational genocide, and economic disparity exists for us. It is real. Harmful stereotypes continue to be perpetuated, and we need to heal.

There may come a time when we need to separate if we cannot come to terms… The same way you may separate two children fighting with each other… Emotions are high and they become consumed with the thought of harming one other so the wise tell them to stay away from each other… To not speak to each other… Don’t even look! Hopefully over time they will cool off, and reconcile.

Collectively I can say that the poor, shrinking middle, and even many rich people remain slaves to the demons of capitalism, and self-serving greed. Raising our children in the obscene, selling us what should be free (healthcare, education, and housing), allowing and even speeding up the environmental, and moral decay of our planet, and poisoning us with tainted foods that send us to doctors, the pharmacy, and in too many cases an early grave. These and other universal truths; that affect us all, we all can agree upon and work to change together! If we could all just become of one accord…

Thanksgiving in its essence is a great holiday. Families reunite, reconnect, and honor our ancestors.

Since I was very young I have always taken time before we eat to reflect, learn about our struggle, and honor our family, and extended family. My mother could tell you of how my written reports, and poems of historical events including their gory details like severed heads of Native elders, chiefs, and fathers that were placed on stakes outside the settler’s homes on this glorious holiday. Guests have been shocked. Truths have been shared and perspectives changed. I can laugh about it now. There were times of heated debates, and even tears that were shed when truth was made plain.

I don’t hate. Hate is an ugly thing. In fact my children will tell you that in our home hate is a curse word. We do not use that word. There are others that we don’t use… pejorative terms like stupid, dummy, moron, fatso, and racial slurs including the “n” word, faggot, the “b” word etc. This world makes you want to use that type of language. I think it harms us all… Not only the person that it is aimed at, but the person aiming it at others as well. I hope that they will carry that tradition into practice as they grow, and go out into the world….

So again… I don’t waste my time with hate. It is an evil in itself that unchecked will consume you. I remember being proud of Kenny Smoove-Kornegay for admonishing someone for aiming hatred and hurtful sentiment at someone in the recording studio. Simple words were spoken… We don’t do that here. That’s not how we treat each other. Respect!

So today I will say this. I do NOT hate the French! I encourage all of my French people, and French-speaking people to stand up, and discourage further acts of terrorism committed against the Syrians. Is not the bombing of innocent babies terrorism?

Should we allow the genocide of all Syrians because of a small group of insurgents?

Should we hate all Muslims based upon our emotional response to a hate crime?

Perhaps we should hate all police, because of the murder of Kenneth Chamberlain Sr, Freddy Gray, Dario Tena or Paul Castaway? …

Or hate the US because it’s leaders opted to use nuclear weapons on other humans? My point… Hate begets hate.

I love!!! I let my love guide me. It is love that guides me to admonish evil acts committed against humanity. I admonish those who wage war on innocents, and the ignorant instead of the actual enemies of us all. I admonish the abuse and torturing, and killing of animals. Our very home planet Earth is under assault with pollutants, trash, and our own negative energy! Love can heal us all… If we could all just become of one accord!!!

No one of us is perfect. We all have faults, shortcomings, and even contradictions in our personas. The fight for justice, and atonement will continue. Join in. It affects us all!!

In this holiday season; and from this day forward, I say embrace your loved ones. Honor your ancestors, and take some time to learn, share, reflect, pray, and vow to take actions towards a better you!

Let’s spend more time GIVING… Give THANKS! Give Love, Give Time, and attention to one another… Really listen to each other, and ponder before we speak, and hold our tongues against harmful, and destructive sentiment.

Speak truths and try to say them in an effective, and helpful manner. Understand me… speak softly when you can. .. and this is mainly aimed at those on the receiving end… Consider this. If there was a fire, and you were asleep a whisper may not save your life… If someone is yelling that is a clear sign of a crisis. At least to them… care enough to mend broken relations, and unite on truth! If we could all just become of one accord!

Love always!
Eternal Love

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Justice for Kenneth Chamberlain Sr.

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