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Mayor Thomas Announces Technology Partnership With Microsoft

Mayor Thomas proposes $700,000 for drones, video technology and license-plate readers to help police protect the city.

Mayor Richard W. Thomas held a press conference in the mayor’s conference room, Tuesday morning to announce the city’s new police technology partnership with Microsoft and that an arrest has been made in Monday’s fatal shooting of Trevon Boswell.

After a brief video presentation of the new technology and a brief moment of silence for the victims that were lost in Manchester the mayor went on to say;

“We believe the best modern technology will bridge the gap on both sides of the badge and connect a network of disconnect when it comes to serving our residents in the city of Mount Vernon.”

He went on to praise the skill and competence of the Mount Vernon Police Department and introduced Chief Richton Ziadie, (the third person of color to serve as chief) for an investigation update. Chief Ziadie informed an arrest has been made and a weapon has been recovered but used caution in giving out any further information since it is still an ongoing investigation.

With the Civil War in City Hall still ongoing, the mayor didn’t miss the opportunity to point a finger at the Council and Comptroller as to why we are facing some of the problems we are.

“The system is broken and we’ve been working to fix it,” Mayor Thomas informs at the presser. “Last year the system was broke even more when the City Council and Comptroller Walker eliminated funding for police Commissioner and 20 other police officers. That was not a MISTAKE, it was CHOICE to SABOTAGE success and failure.”

Mayor Richard Thomas said, “My administration is committed to investments in public safety technology. Modern technology has made 21st century policing more efficient, more collaborative and given better results. The people of Mount Vernon deserve a police force that is equipped with the tools necessary to get the job done and, as Mayor, I will not rest until the department is fully supported.

I am encouraged by Microsoft’s willingness to step forward and assist Mount Vernon with designing technology solutions to meet our needs. The cameras and applications are all designed with the community in mind. I am proud to have Microsoft as part of the team to bridge the gap on both sides of the badge.”

Michael Donlan, Vice President, Public Sector at Microsoft Corporation said, “Microsoft is proud to work with Mayor Thomas and the City of Mount Vernon on their digital transformation for public safety that will help to drive a safer community.”

Comptroller Maureen Walker insisted the mayor had never requested use of any city-owned building for a conflict resolution center. She called it “another diversionary tactic” to mask his performance as mayor, reports Lohud.

“There is a process to be followed for any agency to obtain and use city-owned property,” Walker wrote to Lohud in a text. “The mayor continues to show a complete disregard for truth, decency, and integrity.”Stat tunrd for

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