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Candidate For City Council District 3 Tasha Diaz Speaks On Affordable Housing In Yonkers

YONKERS, N.Y. – The City of Yonkers is an exquisite diverse community, but individuals still face hurdles when it comes to affordable housing in Yonkers. The spike in housing developments has gone up and it has not benefited residents one bit, instead pushing them out. Every resident deserves the opportunity to raise their families and not worry about potentially being priced out of their homes in Yonkers. 

Tasha Diaz, Candidate for City Council released this statement today on the Affordable Housing Crisis: “The housing crisis in Yonkers is pushing residents out of their homes and creating a substantial homelessness issue. We need residents to understand the difference between low-income, disability, senior, and affordable housing. That being said, I believe the best course of action is to create programs, organizing seminars to help residents understand the differences, and inform them on their available options, and evaluating what remains to be done. Our inaction on protecting and expanding affordable housing needs to come to an end. 

The homeless population is rising, and we need to do more to keep people off the streets. We must provide mental health services, drug, and alcohol counseling, and increase day programs for individuals and families. Housing for the seniors and the disabled should become an immediate priority, working toward better housing that provides the appropriate services to ensure we taking care of our most vulnerable (i.e. proper medication, weekly blood pressure testing, and healthy nutritional options for all). Our residents deserve better and should not ever have to worry about where they will be sleeping next or if they will lose their homes. Being born and raised here, I believe everyone should at least have the opportunity to raise a family here. As a community, we must strive to do better for the future of District 3 and the City of Yonkers. My opponents have failed to understand the urgency on these serious issues and I have already made them a top priority. I will continue to work tirelessly with all stakeholders to help ensure that residents have safe, quality affordable housing.”


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