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MOUNT VERNON – A man is still on the loose after selling a deadly batch of “tainted crack cocaine” to several people, killing a 28- year-old Mount Vernon resident. Police were called to 156 South Third Ave were they found several people suffering from a serious overdose from using a drug laced with a dangerous opioid.

Although, authorities have not released her name, recent Facebook posts identity her as Ti’Asia Bartee – a young mother of two. According to, two other women overdose on the same drug and was administered a drug called Narcan – an opioid antagonist use to reverse an opioid overdose. They were rushed to an area hospital and was listed in serious condition. Those two woman also suffered a previous overdose.

Neighbors in the area say the drug use is at all time high and they have seen little to no response from the city. Mayor Richard William Thomas conducted a quick neighborhood meeting the same day as the overdose had it was LIVE on Facebook. Residents were seen talking and voicing their concerns with the Mayor. They made it clear there has been a lack of police presence. The mayor was given several opportunities to respond to their claim, but did not give a clear, precise plan as to what the city is doing to resolve this issue. When asked by a resident what is the city is doing to stop the drug flow, the Mayor mentioned the amount of rats traps he placed in the area and how he is focusing on garbage clean up.

This crack cocaine may have been tainted with morphine or any other opioid. This illegal drug can cause life long effects and may not be cured by Narcan. All illegal drugs are dangerous and can have potentially life-threatening consequences for our residents. It’s also  a security concern for the resident’s living in this neighborhood that needs to be taken seriously.

The Mayor and The City Council should be focusing on improving the relationship with the police and community. This location is a drug den and the mobile command unit presence is mandatory. Drug Counselors and City Outreach Program should have been called and sent to this location for support. Drug addicts have no ambition, but do to do drugs. When the community is faced with these overdoses, there needs to be a “go team” available and sent to that location. The “go-team” should include, a drug counselor, an outreach program and a detective. The public is doing their job by calling the police and the city. It’s time the city do its job and put and end to drug trafficking in Mount Vernon.

Mount Vernon Police Commissioner Shawn Harris issued a warning that bad drugs were being sold in the community and that his department is working diligently to track down the individual(s) who sold this laced drug. Once police apprehend this person, he can face a slew of charges, including drug trafficking, and drug possession.

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