June 6, 2023
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Swept Under The Rug: Police Union Corruption In White Plains PBA

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Most Americans inherently placed their trust in the police and the judicial system which encompasses them.  Loss of that trust could create civil unrest and chaos which is why many believe, the judicial system protects the integrity and the establishment of the police. Even in cases when they should not. As taxpaying citizens, we pay police salaries and depend on them to maintain law and order, enforce vehicle and traffic laws, protect property, and to provide first responder services. In media publications, one often reads about police misconduct; however, the reader is left to ponder the fate of the officer? Were the officers ever disciplined, arrested, or terminated, was there any accountability for the misconduct? What you’re about to read should force you to examine your trust and the perception you have inherently placed in the system of policing.

As told to me by an anonymous twenty year veteran of The White Plains Police Department, two City of White Plains Police Officers, Lieutenant James Parlow, the former PBA Treasurer, and Robert Riley, the former Union President allegedly misappropriated WPPBA funds in excess of Two hundred and fifty thousand dollars! At the time of this article, neither officer had received any criminal charges or departmental charges!

“I can’t believe this guy worked next to me and was stealing our money, come on bro,” said source in regards to Parlow’s action.  

On March 27th 2019 an emergency Union meeting was held at The Brazen Fox, where an unconfirmed “verbal” agreement made between the two alleged disgraced officers and Union leadership was explained to the members. Only five members sought to press criminal charges against their brothers, the others did not!

The mood within the department is that of confusion, numbness, and disbelief? Apparently imitating “The thin Blue Line”, these men were given leniency by their fellow officers and the police management. Both men had high status in the union, Parlow being a Lieutenant! He has allegedly filed his retirement papers (pension will be public record) and has resigned. Riley who joined the department in August of 1999, allegedly will be kept working in an administrative assignment until he reaches his “twenty”. Once eligible, he is allegedly expected to file retirement papers and resign. Both men will receive NY State pensions! The unconfirmed agreement allows each officer one month to pay the union the missing funds, and it not believed to be any interest added on the repaid money?    

The White Plains PBA strongly desires to keep the actions of their “brothers” free from documentation which could be later substantiated, and out of the press. The department has had its share of black eyes and sweeping incidents under the rug; the “questionable” shooting death of Kenneth Chamberlain Sr., the assault of Officer Michael Hannon by Chief Anne Fitzsimmons and later his forced resignation, Officer Jeanette Parra’s sexual harassment lawsuit, and the assault of Officer Michael Suben by a Police Lieutenant on September 15th 2018. This would be just another black eye for an already disgraced police department. It is alleged and believed that Parlow will take money from his retirement (deferred comp) to repay the amount he misappropriated, which is alleged to be over six figures. Riley is alleged to be taking out a home equity line or mortgage to repay the funds he misappropriated, which are alleged to be between forty and sixty thousand dollars. The alleged crime of grand larceny was committed, and most likely be left unpunished.

The question the public needs to ask is why these police officers aren’t being charged criminally? Could the average American citizen embezzle or misappropriate this kind of money from a non-police union and not be held criminally accountable? Even with an offer of restitution, would a corporation in the private sector allow an employee to retire and collect a pension after such criminal action? The answer would undoubtedly be no, they would not. Civilians would be held to the highest extent of the law and so should the men and women in Blue! This is not the first incident associated with the White Plains Police and the misappropriation of Union funds!

Between 1993 and 1994 John Fitzsimmons (former) Westchester DA PBA President, was alleged to have stolen PBA funds (see arrest paperwork below). John was, and still is, married to WP Police Chief Anne Fitzsimmons. In my opinion, and not out of the realm of possibility, the WCDA PBA may have made some “agreement” with him as well. Ironically, decades later, now the cities Top Cop, Anne Fitzsimmons, may be turning a blind eye to her own officer’s misconduct which allegedly mimicked her own husbands!

Our Police should be held to a Higher standard, not given preferential treatment. How much longer will we continue see this is our society. The PBA incidents reported for this article are just further proof that the police cannot and will not Police themselves, especially in The City of White Plains New York. If the police will turn a blind eye to misconduct in their on union, one shouldn’t be alarmed when misconduct/criminality is tolerated and swept under the rug, with regards to everyday policing! Keanu Reeves makes an honest quote in the 2008 film “Street Kings” playing the role of a police officer which appropriately explains the behavior.  “It doesn’t matter what happen, all that matters is how or if we (the police) write it up!” The residents of White Plains should demand better from their police.

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bout time the truth will come out thank you god keep the good work to let the public inform


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