June 6, 2023

The Feature Presentation- DJ Suss One

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There were three songs came to mind when I had the privilege of interviewing this renowned spinner of current and classic music: Zhane’s Mr DJ, Empire State of Mind by Jay Z & Alicia Keys, and Game & Drakes 100. This DJ has that je ne sais quoi, was in an Empire State of mind, and definitely kept it all the way 100! We met over at one of his innumerable gigs, New York’s Premiere radio station, Power 105.1. It immediately became clear how being this dexterous on the 1 & 2’s, planted him exactly where he is at this very moment. The music held you unequivocally captive, you couldn’t help but to two-step! He even jokingly said how are you going to interview dancing? While he was in the middle of a late 90’s mix of arguably one of the greatest eras in R&B, his hundreds of thousands of inexorable listeners heavily tweeted one after the other non stop!

The man culpable for the masterful mixes causing the airwaves uproar hails from a small town in Westchester, NY called Harstdale.  He also happens to be the son of an extremely prominent criminal attorney Mr. Raymond Sussman. Westchester County has produced some of the most incredible icons the music industry has known, Sean “Puffy” Combs, Mary J. Blige, Tony Dofat, Heavy D & The Boys, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, DMX, and The Lox, just to name a few. It’s only right we gave birth to some of the best DJing talent in the world as well. Not to many people can say they personally DJ for The Queen Mother herself, Ms. Mariah Carey! Whom, might I add just came back not to long ago from DJing for her Vegas Residency. How many DJs get to have that on their resume? Don’t worry I’ll wait… Exactly! You have to give props where it’s due!

One thing that stood out when I started to interview him was his down to earth personality, humility and deep-rooted love for where he came from. That’s not only a choice but a trait many loose once they get this far in the game. Another thing that was evident, was my goodness the ladies love him! The around the ways to the A list stars like Rhianna, Which explained why a particular hip-hop icon was in his all time top 5! His candid responses were extremely honest and refreshing. He also shared his opinion on many things that will definitely surprise you, including from a DJ’s perspective who he believes really won that Meek & Drake battle. Black Westchester, It is my absolute pleasure to introduce the proficiently adroit, that’s classic man himself who is indeed “The Feature Presentation,” The incredible DJ Suss One!!!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vFgJwuMqvQ]

Indeed one of the best and well deserving of his title, whether it’s a private party in Paris or DJing for one of your favorite celebritys he’s definitely earned his spot! We at Black Westchester support all Suss 1’s endeavors and look forward to all the future holds for the Prince of NY. Until then you can catch him on 105.1 every Friday night at Griffin NYC every Monday tearing the house down as well as SiriusXM Radio!

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