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Parents Demand Sen. Carlucci Stop Using Pics of Ossining Children Immediately

No more photos. Ossining parents are banning together and calling on New York State Senator David Carlucci to stop using photos of Ossining students in his marketing materials. No more mailers, photos on Facebook or political advertisements. The call comes after the District, once again, didn’t receive its fair share of Foundation Aid Funding.

Kerri DiMiceli: “If David isn’t going to fight for us – he can’t use our kids. He’s a member of the IDC, a major supporter of Charter schools, and conveniently AFTER the budget vote he’s no longer a part of the IDC. He comes here for photo ops and to take advantage of our beautiful diverse kids. But at the end of the day, David doesn’t support our beautiful diverse school district – he supports where his big donors are.”

Hundreds of parents have banded together for the photo ban. Over the years, Carlucci has sent out numerous advertisements using photos of Ossining students, the students are also featured on his social media and his webpage. The last political advertisement coming in the mail days before the New York State budget was released where the Ossining School District received a fraction of the Foundation Aid it was due. The Ossining School District should receive 26 million dollars in Foundation Aid, but in the 2018-2019 budget will receive less than 12 million dollars. Last year, also on Carlucci’s watch, the District was the lowest funded in New York State.

Adrienne Bell said: “He is taking advantage of our kids, and it is disgraceful. He should not be using our kids as pawns and frankly he has a lot of explaining to do. One offs, like the High School entrance or bleachers, are like putting band-aids on a gaping wound. We need him to deliver equity, but all we get are empty promises.”


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