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Open Letter To Mt. Vernon City Gov’t: Stop Passing Blame & Get It Done

Mount Vernon Family and Friends:

The environmental issues in Mount Vernon are serious. In reading the Justice Department’s complaint, it met with the current Mayor regarding the failure to comply by the former Mayor. They issued a new timeline and schedule with the current Mayor participating. The reporting was not adhered to.

It does not matter why. It was the current Mayor that had the full responsibility to comply. If he had issues with proper funding then he should have so reported it to the DOJ, EPA et. al. However, in all due respect, the issue was not created by this current Mayor.

However, this Mayor was a member of City Council, thus was part of the past administration. But like all new administrations they must fix what is broken without whining about the past. You became Mayor to fix what was broken. Can’t blame the past administration, they have been gone for now two(2) years.

So can we drink the water or what? Can we fish at Bronx River Parkway? How dangerous is it? Can we afford to pay $35,000.00 per day in fines??? Are we looking at another Detroit? How will we fix it? ” ENOUGH” 🤨

I am willing to work with the Mayor and City Council to assist in resolving this issue and help to oversee compliance. Press conferences without your answer are meaningless unless it comports with the answer you will give in a legal document…Also, I only see the City of Mount Vernon as the named defendant…is there another case which names City Council and the Mayor?

Lauren P. Raysor. Esq
Former Mount Vernon Corporation Counsel
for Davis and Thomas Administrations


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