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Stop & Shake Comes To Mount Vernon

All Pictures Courtesy of Hector Santiago 'Mr. Stop & Shake'

Mount Vernon — Lifelong Yonkers resident and founder of the nationally acclaimed Stop & Shake program, Hector Santiago brings his Stop & Shake initiative, which has been implemented in all police departments, one school, and multiple organizations and businesses throughout the City of Yonkers, to the City of Mount Vernon, Thursday afternoon.

Santiago held a Stop & Shake Station at RealDepthOfField Photography, located at 190 Gramatan Ave, Mount Vernon with MVPD Detective Dave Clarke to hand out literature to bring about awareness to his important initiative.

“The event was great, and well received. Few business owners and community members hopped on board and helped Det. Clark and I pass out flyers,” Hector Santiago tells BW. “It was beautiful to see the community coming together like that. The youth were hesitant at first, but once I explained it they came through. Not to mention some of them knew Det. Clarke. He has a good reputation with them. They trusted him so they believed in me and “Stop & Shake.” Great town, good vibe, nice visit. Good old Mount Vernon.”  

“The community members and businesses came together and passed out flyers with me and Detective Clarke” Santiago posted on his Facebook page. “The after school kids really made time fly with the humor and questions. Overall, this is what it’s all about. Because together we can make a difference… It takes a village to raise a child, but it takes a bunch of loving relationships to create a village… let’s get connected”

“With all the guns and acts of senseless violence in Mount Vernon, the Stop & Shake initiative is a much-needed program,” Mount Vernon resident, Patty Coombs tells BW. “With the growing tensions between law enforcement and communities of color nationwide, Hector Santiago is not just talking about how we need to build better police-community relations, he came up with a solution to help build that better relationship between cops and community. Thank you Mr. Stop & Shake!”

Santiago didn’t just wake up one day and say let me go over to Mount Vernon, with the success of his Stop & Shake initiative in Yonkers, many in Mount Vernon requested he bring it to Mount Vernon. He has been speaking with people in the community, the MVPD and City Government for the past few months, to implement his initiative and find out how he can best serve the City of Mount Vernon.

On Saturday June 25th Hector joined Detective Clarke and the MVPD, for a “Stop the Violence” SNUG basketball tournament in 4th Street park as part of “Stop and Shake,” a community initiative, founded by anti-violence activist Hector Santiago to “facilitate conversation and connection between law enforcement and residents.”

downloadAbout Stop & Shake: The Stop & Shake is a social icebreaker born in Yonkers, NY and growing nationally. It’s goal is to end misunderstandings between citizens and police as well as each other.

The “Stop & Shake” Initiative takes us away from the “US AND THEM” mentality and brings it more to a “ME AND YOU” mind-state. The goal of Stop & Shake is to change the mindset of and unify key members in the community, citizens and those we trust to serve us.

For more information on “Stop & Shake” go to their website,
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