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Stolen Lives Tour – Campus/Community Tours February 2016, Black History Month

As part of building off of the advance that #RiseUpOctober represented, they have called for a Stolen Lives Tour, beginning in February, 2016. This tour will gather family members of people murdered by the police, students, prominent voices of conscience, clergy and others to spread the challenge that RUO impacted millions of people with thru its 3 days of resistance in New York City: STOP Police Terror – Which Side Are You On?!

The Stolen Lives Tour will go to college campuses and neighborhoods across the country saying the names of the thousands of people whose lives have been stolen by those who are sworn to protect and serve. Family members of police murder victims will travel to these areas and connect with family from those areas to tell the stories of their murdered loved ones.

STUDENTS & others in campus/community groups, contact to get involved now in planning the Tour.

FAMILY members of those killed by police, contact if you can speak & help organize the tour.

Stop Mass Incarceration Network 646-709-1961


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