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Statements from Mount Vernon Mayoral Candidates on Raynette Turner

Statements from Mayoral Candidates

Since news of the tragic death of Raynette Turner spread around the country on Tuesday.

Black Westchester decided to collect the statements from the several Mayoral Candidates on the death of Mrs. Turner.

Below you can find their statements.

Comptroller Maureen Walker

At this time, I believe we should set aside the politics of our city and join together as the untimely death of Mrs. Raynette Turner, a mother of eight, is still being investigated. As we await the results of an official investigation, we must find comfort and solace in each other.

As a mother and wife, I believe this is a time for Mount Vernon to come together and grieve with this family for their loss. I urge the Mayor and other candidates to hold off any election rallies until this death has been fully explained and Mrs. Raynette Turner has been laid to rest. Now is not the time for political rhetoric, but a time to heal. May God comfort this family in their time of need.

Mayor Ernest D. Davis

As the City of Mount Vernon mourns the loss of one of our citizens, Mrs. Raynette Turner, we ask again that the community, including the press, respect Mrs. Turner’s life, as well as her family, as they transition through a very difficult time. I recently spoke with Mrs. Turner’s family and was advised that a local funeral home has donated its services. Funeral arrangements will be announced in the coming days. 

 We have made every effort to keep the dialogue open surrounding Mrs. Turners’ death and have answered, to the best of our ability, questions put forth by those concerned. Please remain mindful that the investigation is continuing. Every effort will be put forth by this administration to make sure that Mrs. Turner’s death is investigated in a manner that is comprehensive and thorough.

 To that end, the City of Mount Vernon welcomes the independent investigation of New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and we will fully cooperate with and assist his team. In addition, we are formulating our own internal team which includes a former New York State Assistant Attorney General and a former New York State Deputy Commissioner for Human Rights; as well as a former federal prosecutor.

In the meantime, I ask again that we show respect as we get through this very tragic event.

Councilman Richard Thomas

In conjunction with a press conference being led by the City of Mount Vernon regarding the woman found deceased in Mt. Vernon Police custody, City Councilman Richard Thomas released the following statement:
“As details emerge, it is important that we express condolences for the families impacted by the news that their loved one is deceased and assure them and the public that the process of getting to the truth of what led to this loss of life is clear and transparent.”

He added, “Every person deserves proper care, handling, and treatment while in police custody. As the investigation unfolds, the City of Mt. Vernon should also take action to assess its Police related processes and protocols in handling inmates, particularly those with medical needs, as well as reconstituting any additional mechanisms for oversight and transparency including review boards,” Councilman Thomas stated.

As of now we are still waiting on statements from Clinton Young, Ruth Hassell-Thompson and Deborah Reynolds.

We will update as soon as those statements become available.


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