Statement from the African American Advisory Committee of New Rochelle, NY on the Police-Involved Shooting of Jarrell Garris

The African American Advisory Committee (AAAC) is shocked and stunned by the tragic events surrounding the New Rochelle police-involved shooting of Jarrell Garris, an unarmed, African American former resident.  Reports on Jarrell Garris’ condition, as of Friday, July 6th, was that he is on life-support. 

The AAAC continues to meet with the City of New Rochelle, NRPD and our Community Partners to determine the full extent of what took place on July 3rd when Jarrell Garris was approached by three members of the NRPD, that resulted in a struggle in which he sustained life-threatening injuries. 

The AAAC is calling for the immediate release of unedited bodycam footage of the July 3rd arrest and significant reform in NRPD’s protocols for interacting with the African American community and individuals with known mental health challenges.  AAAC will pursue its advocacy for transparency and continue to monitor the situation.

African American Advisory Committee:

Angela Davis Farrish – Chairperson

Min. Mark McLean – Co-Chairperson

Nate Adams – Member

Kwamain Dixon – Member

Leslie Gaskin – Member

Rev. Dierdra Gray-Clark – Member

Linda Tarrant-Reid – Member