Sporty Thievz and Make Me Look Hollywood All White Affair

imageWhite Plains, NY — It was a rainy day, but determined entrepreneurs stop at nothing to create a perfect event! There’s only 1 requirement of you wished to attend: No Birds Allowed! Although hosted at the Blue Amber located at 49 Mamaroneck Avenue in White Plains the mood was anything but that, everyone’s energy inside was full of love and very welcoming, Saturday night!

I’ve known both Kirk and Dubez for quite some years now and met the lovely Michelle of Make Me Look Hollywood that day and let me tell you her energy was contagious! She is a force to be reckoned with and stops at nothing to achieve her goal!

In case your unfamiliar with the names Dubez (Obsob Clothing) and Kirk (No Birdz Clothing) they make up 2/3 of the group Sporty Thievz, originally a trio hailing from my hometown of Yonkers, NY. They hit mainstream with the Mega Hit, No Pigeons” (a rebuttal from the fellas created after the widespread international success of TLC’s song “No Scrubs”) from that point on there was no place to go but up!

(Uh, oh) Your chicks ain’t getting nada
(Uh, oh) A pigeon ain’t worth the Ramada
(Uh, oh) Anyway your friend looks hotter
(Uh, oh) A game is something we got a lot of

I don’t want no pigeons
Them be the girls who get no dubs from me
Playing the bar dumb broke with her best friend’s coat
Trying to holler at me

“No Pigeons” was the second and final single by Sporty Thievz, off their 1999 Ruffhouse Records release, “Street Cinema.” It was actually added to the album as a bonus cut.

On May 11, 2001, their lives were drastically interrupted when third group member Marlon Bryant Brando was killed after being struck by a drunk drivers car in North Bronx, at the tender age of 22. Marlon Brando was a father of a newborn baby, a hero, he saved a by-standing child’s life by pushing him out-of-the-way. A tough blow for any group to bear, but somehow they’ve managed to turn it into a positive. Amazingly, 14 years later, Marlon still goes wherever they go, in his memory they keep a large photo on stage as a reminder of his contribution to their lives ( S.I.P. To Marlon ).

Since then, they’ve consistently been able to transform their talents as well as reinvent their brand, and over 15 years later still relevantly here with in your face Art, Fashion, and Music. Both King Kirk and Big Dubez also still produce amazing tracks. Whether its beats, a hot 16, a beautiful art piece for your wall, or to be styled to the nines by Ms Michelle. Look no further, you will find it here all in one place!!

Photos for the night (above) were taken by the incredible Howell Designs, who also celebrated a birthday that day. The tables were lined with the latest Obsob and No Birdz Fashion, and the walls aligned with eclectic purchase worthy airbrushed pieces of your favorite celebrities. The men and women looked fantastic in all white, and I must say I love both my pieces from Obsob and No Birdz clothing! There will be another pop up shop day party in the near future and trust me you don’t want to miss it! I will be sure to keep you informed to save the date!! In the meanwhile be sure to stop at the websites and support! All in all, It was a wonderful event, congratulations to all parties involved!!

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