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Joseph Spiezio, White Privilege & Campaign Donations Does Not Qualify You to be Deputy Police Commissioner



When a White man who has no law enforcement experience questions a Black man who has 27 years in law enforcement and has been recognized by organizations and associations like the United Nations Associations and NAACP Legal Defense Fund in having a clear understanding of police policy practices and procedures, there’s a problem.

To think that the white man’s experience of being in Waste Management “out Trumps” the Black man’s experience in law enforcement leads the observer to believe that this can only happen because the white man thinks he has “White Privilege.” Even though the White man is not qualified, he is still better than the Black man who is.

In “Alleged” Deputy Police Commissioner Spiezio’s  ignorant racist, homophobic rant against Councilman Wallace, he made a statement that Councilman Wallace couldn’t afford a truck like the one he owned. Why would you make a statement like that? Is it because he’s a Black man he can’t afford it? What gives him the right to call a Black man homophobic slur?

What is White Privilege? It is a term for societal privileges that benefit people identified as white in Western countries, beyond what is commonly experienced by non-white people.

In 1988, professor Peggy McIntosh used the paper White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack, to describe White Privilege as a set of unearned assets that a white person in America can count on cashing in each day, but to which they remain largely oblivious.

This is the case with “Alleged” Deputy Police Commissioner Spiezio.  In my first editorial about “Alleged Deputy Police Commissioner Spiezio, I ask the question to what was the function of his position as Deputy Police Commissioner? Since his appointment, there was an unprecedented number of homicides of young black adults under his command.

I did not forget the testimony, that was taken under oath of Mayor Thomas’ former campaign workers that you gave Thomas 100 thousand dollars in cash. Mr. Spiezio, your appointment is a quid-pro-quo appointment that has led to the downfall of the reputation of the Mount Vernon Police Department.

According to the PBA President Gamble, there are over 50 requests for transfer to other police departments. When you see a mass number of transfers, something is clearly wrong inside your Police Department. PBA President Gamble also warned of more killings in the city if the city government didn’t see the need in finding qualified police leadership.

It is bad enough that Mr. Spiezio is an illegitimate Deputy Police Commissioner because of his lack of any law enforcement policies and procedures, but in his words in his Facebook response, actual police duties are not his task. Mr. Spiezio failed in his response to explain or give a list of any work that he has accomplished.

To show even more a lack of law enforcement knowledge. He proudly claims that a Correction Officer would not be qualified to run a Police Department. Since he has no training, knowledge or wisdom in law enforcement, he fails to understand that even after 911 the reference of the different division was done away. All law enforcement departments are referred to as LEO’s Law Enforcement Officers.

Just like Police Officers, Correction Officers are Peace Officers of the State of New York under Article 2, under the New York State Criminal Procedure Law.

What you also don’t know is, Article 2 also allows Correction Officer to carry out the same duties like; the power to make warrant-less arrest, the authority to use deadly force, and the power to carry out searches.

By your ridiculous and baseless Facebook response, you continue to show your ignorance in law enforcement by not knowing that Correction Officers have the same Use of Force powers as Police Officers under NYS Penal Law Article 35.

What is your history with the people in Mt. Vernon Mr. Spiezio? Just because you pay taxes does not mean you save lives. The fact of the matter is, under your command, there have been many lives lost because you’re not in the position for the safety of the public. You have used your illegitimate position as Deputy Police Commissioner for your personal gain.

I, like many residents in Mt. Vernon await your purpose and task in the Police Department, but you continue to fail miserably in any explaining or defining your role.

The recent press conference of the arrest of the killer of Shamoya McKenzie, where was Deputy Police Commissioner Spiezio? Why didn’t Deputy Police Commissioner speak? Are we to think that a Deputy Police Commissioner was present at a press conference of a significant arrest and the only one from the department would speak is a Lieutenant? The TRUTH of the matter is you can’t talk; you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about! You wouldn’t dare stand at the podium with real law enforcement from the District Attorney’s office who has received complaints about your illegitimate position to be investigated.

As I stated before, the most important part of Police structure is the Leadership. Police leadership is the process of influencing others to accomplish the mission by providing purpose, direction, and motivation. The Police Command is the persons in authority in the Police service that lawfully exercises the mission of the police department which is to keep our community safe. Under Mayor Thomas’s Illegitimate Deputy Police Commissioner they have failed miserably the primary mission of the Mount Vernon Police Department.



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