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What Really Happened In The Spiezio/Wallace Incident; Whose Telling The Truth?

The Deputy Police Commissioner Joe Spiezio/ Councilman Andre Wallace incident has been all anyone can talk about. Both sides have made claims the other side denied. When two side tell opposing stories, no matter who you support it can be hard to navigate through it all and tell who is actually telling the truth, both sides can not be right especially since their versions of the events are so conflicting. While it does take two to tangle, we scrubbed through the footage and through the audio for the truth. Here are the results of what we discovered.

Mr. Spiezio said Councilman Wallace was at the site for six hours harassing the workers and Mr. Spiezio. The incident took place around 2:30 P.M. so Wallace would have had to be out there 8:30 in the morning.  Councilman Wallace states he was in the city prior to going to his class. I was asked to sit with his students until they go there just before 11. From 11:00 A.M. to 12 Noon Councilman Wallace was at his building giving out tools to the students who graduated from his Construction Core Curriculum class (see pictures below).

13510572_10153616107437411_1372898104_nCouncilman Wallace, Dr, Baskerville and myself talked about a few things until almost 1:00 P.M. Wallace stated he went to Trusco Garden Supply to pick up some tomato plants, the owner Frank Trolio confirmed that fact with BW and can show proof of sale. So that was a misleading and inaccurate statement by Spiezio, Commissioner Fatigate and Danny Maloney (who owns the building Mayor Thomas moved into after winning the Primary on Washington Street).

Next Spiezio, Fatigate and Maloney claim when Councilman Wallace first arrived on the scene he began to harass the workers. We released a video in our previous coverage of the incident.

Below is a second video which actually took place before the previous video. MVPD Lt. Hunt stopped Competition Carting from illegally removing the garbage debris from the Mount Vernon Avenue business (see video below).

So as you can see in the video, the version of what happened told by Spiezio is also misleading and inaccurate. The statement by the MVPD states:

The Mount Vernon Police Department was called to 46-48 Mount Vernon Avenue after an individual was videotaping and questioning workers on a building clean-up site in an intimidating manner. Upon arrival, police officers determined the individual to be a city councilman, Mr. Andre Wallace, who was concerned about a debris removal company. The company is a subsidiary of a permitted debris removal company and was authorized to be performing clean-up at the location on a Saturday. Despite receiving proof the company was allowed to be there, Councilman Wallace became agitated and disruptive following the workers around the site and singing.

Commissioner Fatigate wrote: “The real truth is Councilman Andre Wallace initiated the first threat which prompted the situation. The report on omits numerous facts on the incident. Even after workers on the site and the owner of the company provided the Councilman with the requested information, Wallace continued to provoke and intimidate the building owner, workers on the site, and Deputy Commissioner Spiezio.”

“Wallace was uncontrollable and agitated after an individual called him a “cross-dresser” and told him he cannot put makeup over his prevailing wage problem at the Third Street Firehouse. We advised the emotional Wallace to calm down; however, he continued to be disruptive including, at one point, blocking traffic. Although the report is inaccurate, it is a good thing the authorities were there to deescalate the matter.”

Mr. Spiezio wrote:

We find it unfortunate that an elected official of the City of Mount Vernon chooses to intimidate private workers on their job and waste departmental resources in this manner… We understand that passions may arise particularly due to misleading and false social media and blog posts regarding this incident and we urge the community to remain focused and engaged in positive activities. We will not be bullied by those who try to keep the community in shambles.”

Here is an audio of the incident that discredits the Spiezio’s version of the incident.


Lastly Maloney continued the baseless accusations of Councilman Wallace not paying prevailing wages, a accusation that has been thrown around by Mr. Spiezio and various members and affiliates of the Thomas Administration but have yet to provide anything in the way or proof. Jay Z once said, ‘Men lie, women lie but numbers don’t,’ I will remix it, ‘Men lie, women lie and audio and video don’t. The purpose of the editorial is to shed some clarity on the situation and place the burden of proof in Mr. Spiezio, Mayor Thomas, Commissioner Fatigate, Danny Maloney and others who are furthering these rumors, accusations and innuendos.

The statement by the MVPD also accused BW of ‘omitting numerous facts on the incident’ and of being inaccurate. Like their attacks on Councilman Wallace they have yet to provide any proof to substantiate their allegations. So instead of moving on and writing about the fireworks display or many other good things going on in Mount Vernon, we are defending our credibility and calling the administration, Mr. Spiezio and those quoted in the statement, provide one ounce of proof anything we wrote here is not true and stop misleading the people and trying to change the narrative to cover up for your highly publicized actions. REAL TALK!!!


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