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Joe Spiezio Stripped Of County Garbage Contract

Spiezio's Competition Carting's license was not renewed in the Town of Yorktown, earlier this year, lost in other municipalities may be coming soon

In an investigative report, Black Westchester asked the question, “Why Is The Westchester County Solid Waste Commission allowing Joseph Spiezio to operate with impunity?” The teflon garbage can don, seemed to be getting away with whatever he wanted to do for years. That may be coming to an end. On Monday, July 9th the garbage can gangster/ deputy MVPD Police Commissioner was stripped of his contract to pick up garbage at Westchester County facilities, including the Westchester County Airport, due to breach of contract after a $4.2 million federal lawsuit by trust and pension funds of Teamster Union, Local 813, Lohud reported.

The Westchester County Board of Acquisition & Contract approved an emergency six-month contract to haul trash in the county with City Carting for $720,000 to replace Spiezio’s R&S Waste Services. A move that has many municipalities like Mount Vernon, who have contracts with Spiezio’s trash hauling empire, revisiting their contractual affiliation with the controversial garbageman.

The lost of the County contract is another brick removed in the wall of his trash hauling empire. Mr. Spiezio recently just lost his contract for the Town of Yorktown earlier this year as well.

The Yorktown Town Clerk’s office told Black Westchester that Spiezio’s Competition Carting no longer has a license in the Town of Yorktown. They lost the bid this year to AAA Carting, who had the best bid. We are told Spiezio is currently trying to appeal the decision.

Will other municipalities follow suit and cancel Mr. Spiezio license to haul trash too, only time will tell?

Stay tuned to Black Westchester for more on this developing story.


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