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Deputy Police Commissioner Spiezio Claims “He Has Done More For MVPD Than Most” WRONG!


I was surprised to see an email posted on Facebook groups called United Citizens of Mount Vernon, Democrats Exposed,  Joseph Spiezio get out of Mt. Vernon and Mount Vernon WTF by the “Alleged” Mount Vernon Deputy Police Commissioner Joseph Spiezio. (Editors Note: Because of the disclaimer on the emails, BW will not post the emails. But you can click the links to the Facebook pages to read the emails that were posted on the individual pages.)

The email was sent to Comptroller Maureen Walker, and its content was a constant babble by the “Alleged” Deputy Police Commissioner Spiezio on what he thinks he has done in his illegal position as Deputy Police Commissioner.

One of the reasons I am writing this editorial is that in his email to Comptroller Walker, he mentions Black Westchester Magazine as a “Blog” and a mouthpiece for Councilman André Wallace. Unfortunately for Alleged Deputy Police Commissioner Spiezio, he is once again “Wrong,” making baseless accusations without any proof.

As the Publisher of Black Westchester Magazine, I am proud to say that Black Westchester is not a “Blog”, it is an “Online News Magazine” that has been recognized by local and national media, local governments and organizations locally, nationally, and globally like the Institute of the Black Word 21st Century & the United Nations Association.

Black Westchester is not, nor has it ever been a mouthpiece for Councilman Wallace. Black Westchester is the mouthpiece for people throughout the New York State Metro Area, but especially black people who you, “Alleged” Deputy Police Commissioner Spiezio like to take advantage. Black Westchester is a voice for the voiceless. You can accept it or not, we frankly don’t care!

The second reason I am writing this editorial is, as a 27-year law enforcement professional, I was disturbed by reading his bragging and boasting that “Alleged” Deputy Police Commissioner, says he has “done more for MVPD than most.” It is an embarrassment and a smack in the face to the hard-working officers of MVPD and the Mt. Vernon Community.

According to the Mount Vernon City Charter Chapt. 24 Article IV, Mr. Spiezio is still in violation and is an illegitimate Deputy Police Commissioner.

“Alleged” Deputy Police Commissioner Spiezio has used his position to retaliate and threaten Mount Vernon elected officials and employees with no accountability or punishment from the Thomas Administration.

As a representative of a national law enforcement organization, I take personal threats and derogatory slurs by anyone representing law enforcement to a city elected official very seriously. We have demanded that “Alleged” Deputy Police Commissioner Joseph Spiezio should have been relieved of his post for conduct unbecoming an officer of the law.

What example is the Thomas Administration and “Alleged” Deputy Police Commissioner Spiezio setting for the rank and file, especially the black officers and a community that is 70% black? Is it an example that you can disrespect a black man who was voted in by this black community, make homophobic slurs against him, generate false incident reports against him and get away with it because YOU are a big campaign donor to the Mayor and the quick-pro-quo was to make you Deputy Police Commissioner!

I know “Alleged” Deputy Police Commissioner Spiezio’s dirty tricks first hand. He was unable to retaliate against me because I do not work for the city. To show his lack of manhood and character he retaliated against my wife, who is a decorated  Detective (and loved by the residents, something that you’ll never be) for the Mount Vernon Police Department. By posting my wife’s personal information on social media as a way to embarrass my family and me only backfired. He gave the residents of Mt. Vernon a glimpse of his evil nature and his commitment to control or try to control those who see through him as a fraud. And because he has no experience in police policy and procedures, his foolish actions was another violation of the MVPD policies.

In his alleged Deputy Police Commissioner position, Mr. Spiezio now has tried to swindle the Mount Vernon Taxpayers by requisition for Health Benefits from the City Comptroller. He has also used his position to cover up possible criminal activities by his private company R&S Waste Services. Another Conflict and a violation of the City Charter Article 4, Section 19.

Article 4, Section 19 Restrictions; Officers Not To Be Interested In Contracts
No member of the City Council or other officer or employee of the City, or person receiving a salary or compensation from funds appropriated by the City, shall be interested directly or indirectly in any contract to which the City is a party, either as principal, surety or otherwise; nor shall any such member of the City Council, City officer or employee or person, or his partner, or any agent, servant, or employee of such officer, employee or person, or of the firm of which he is a partner, purchase from or sell to the City, or any officer thereof, any real or personal property for the use of the City, or any board or officer thereof, nor shall he be interested directly or indirectly in any work to be performed for, or services rendered to or for it, or in any sale to or from said City, or to any officer, board or person in its behalf. Any contract made in violation of any of these provisions shall be void

As a Representative a national organization of law enforcement professionals, I stand firm on our stance that Mr. Spiezio is illegally holding the position of Deputy Police Commissioner and should be investigated by Federal Authorities.

Under his Command, Mt. Vernon has seen unprecedented shootings and killings in 2016. Where in the hell has “Alleged” Deputy Police Commissioner Spiezio been? He is never seen standing with the families of the victims. He is nowhere to be found when a tragedy occurred, but he boasts that he has done more for MVPD.

In 2016 there have been approximately 13 homicides under the watch of “Alleged” Deputy Police Commissioner Spiezio. Does he understand that there’s no amount of money he can spend that will ever bring back the people who have been killed under his watch? What does he have to say to families like Nazarene Duncans who has received no answers from police management on the death of her son? 

“Alleged” Deputy Police Commissioner Spiezio is nowhere to be found because he does not care about Black People. Black Lives Don’t Matter to “Alleged” Deputy Police Commissioner Spiezio. Black people are only good to this man if he can buy their integrity or make money off of them while, they get crumbs from the masters table.

Unfortunately for Mayor Richard Thomas, the illegal appointment of Spiezio has made the Mount Vernon Police Department the laughing-stock of policing in New York State. For a young politician who had a bright future, he has made a deal with the Devil, and the price will be his political career and respect. Mayor Thomas does not have to be a pasty for this charlatan. The greatest loss is to the community and the lives that have been lost in 2016.

I do agree that Mayor Thomas is creating “ONE” Mt. Vernon. Groups and people who never have sat down together are now sitting down, putting away differences for one clear goal; to get Joseph Spiezio out of Mt. Vernon because he is destroying our Police Department and our city. 

When the PBA President publicly expressed “No Confidence” in the MVPD leadership with 30 officers in attendance, the Mayor should have realized that he had a problem. When you have approximately 13 homicides in a year under an illegal command, the need to call in federal agents to solve cases; your police department is being mismanaged.

To further expound on the actual proof of the failure of Spiezio’s leadership as “Alleged” Deputy Police Commissioner. The People Before Politics Radio show held a roundtable with real experienced police officers who clearly explained why the Public Safety of Mt. Vernon is in jeopardy.

But if you leave it up to the false reality of the “Alleged” Deputy Police Commissioner Spiezio (who has no law enforcement experience), he’s a success in a Donald Trump sort of way, as long as that’s how he sees it, that’s all that matters. What policing policies or new credited training has he brought to MVPD? Whatever happen to the 21 Century Policing Model that was supposed to be implemented by the police department? Yes, he did succeed in the loss of respect for Public Safety because no other community will stand to have their police department run by a garbage man! This is a total disservice and disrespect of the hard-working officers of MVPD.

Mayor Thomas has bamboozled the citizens of Mount Vernon. In order to have the 21st Century Policing Model, you must begin with the first step; Legitimacy, Transparency, and Accountability. How can you have Legitimacy, Transparency, and Accountability when you have a Deputy Police Commissioner like Joseph Spiezio who is not legitimate, who has no prior police experience? He is a professional garbage man. Now there is nothing wrong with being a garbage man; it’s a notable profession, but he has no place being in charge of Public Safety. His actions have only put the hard-working officers of MVPD and the community at risk, leaving the city with way too many lawsuits and judgments, and taxpayers footing the bill. The result is the many losses of life that we have seen under his command that he has failed to understand.

This email has shown “Alleged”  heart and his disconnect and his cowardliness with the pain that the people in Mt. Vernon feel right now and the pain that many families felt all throughout 2016. He will never have the testicular fortitude to stand with the families that lost loved ones. He’s not here for that; he could care less. This is a hard pill to swallow but the longer he remains, the greater the loss of respect and integrity for the hard-working Mt. Vernon Police Officers.

It is unfortunate for the city of Mt. Vernon that the other elected officials like our Senators, Assemblypersons, City Council, County Legislators, local leadership and even the District Attorney have been relatively silent on this cancer and alleged corruption that has infected City Hall and our Police Department. Phil Reisman tried to warn everyone when he asked the question: Is Joe Spiezio Running Mount Vernon. Will the Mount Vernon Leadership wait until Mr. Spiezio turns Mt. Vernon into another Opa- Locka, Florida? Where he has been alleged by the Miami Herald to be a shadow force behind much of the corruption that has led to the city’s bankruptcy.

But this time Spiezio is not in the shadows, he’s out in front, running our Police Department, directing the Mayor’s actions, chaos and unprecedented nepotism, racism and harassment of city employees, while innocent people are dying. Spiezio attitude for black people is I can do what I want to do because you black people not strong enough, smart enough or rich enough to do anything about it.




About Damon K. Jones (226 Articles)
Damon K. Jones is an Activist, Author, and Publisher of Black Westchester Magazine, a Black-owned and operated newspaper based in Westchester County, New York. Mr. Jones is a Holistic Health Practitioner, First Aid in Mental Health Practioner, Diet, and Nutrition Advisor, and Vegan, Vegetarian Nutrition Life Coach. Mr. Jones is a 31 year Law Enforcement Practioner, New York Representative of Blacks in Law Enforcement of America. Mr. Jones has been a guest commentator on New York radio stations WBLS (107.5 FM), WLIB (1190 am), WRKS (98.7 FM), WBAI (99.5 FM), and Westchester's WVOX (1460 am). Mr. Jones has appeared on local television broadcasts, including Westchester News 12 “News Makers” and Public Television “Winbrook Pride. You can now hear Damon every Wednesday at 830 AM on WFAS 1230 AM, Morning with Bob Marone Show.

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  1. DON "STARCHILD" MOORE // January 14, 2017 at 2:30 PM //

    This is a well formatted article. True, there is a TON more information about the WRONGS that have been done to the citizens of Mount Vernon but then it wouldn’t be an article. It would be a BOOK! I know first hand that Mayor Thomas has sold his soul to the devil. We shook hands on a deal back in March and he back stepped. I know Joesph Spiezio is a LIAR as well. Mayor Thomas has not once admitted ANY wrong that he is done. Is he that BLIND! In the Detective Division, you have White bosses reporting directly to Captain Adinaro. You have Black bosses reporting to Lt. Steve Sexton. You have White bosses refusing to obey orders given to them by the Black Commanding Officer. WTF? What happened to the chain of command? The Mount Vernon Police Department is in CHAOS just like City Hall. Joe Spiezio states Black Westchester is a BLOG. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. He is upset because the TRUTH is being told and it puts him in a DARK LIGHT. Where is Governor Coumo? Where is the AG? I have evidence on alleged crimes committed by Mayor Thomas and other and they have more than I do. Why haven’t they arrested those individuals? Mount Vernon is past POLITICS. The city is BLEEDING. Will it take another death before action is taken?

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