Hip-Hop And R&B Songs That Sampled Greenburgh’s Atlantic Starr

AJ Woodson, Wayne & David Lewis (Atlantic Starr), Damon K. Jones & Dr. Robert Baskerville in the studio after the People Before Politics Radio Show [Black Westchester]

As we navigate through the new normal due to COVID-19, I have been spending some time trying to come up what a couple of cool things for you to read to get your mind over the coronavirus pandemic.

Earlier I shared my favorite 50 Hip-Hop songs that sampled James Brown, I thought I would bring it home and explores all the Hip-Hop songs that sampled Atlantic Starr.

You know the group who met in Woodlands High School and grew up together started out as a nine member group that was a merger of two smaller groups. The roster has changed over the years but they continue to tour and do spot dates in the States and overseas, under the leadership and artistry of the Lewis brothers, the core songwriters of the group.

We showcased the group November 2017 to promote their new CD titled, ‘Metamorphosis’ and Wayne and Jonathan Lewis appeared on Episode 119 of the People Before Politics Radio, three years ago on Sunday, April 3, 2017. While researching Westchester artists for our special Westchester Music issue in September 2019, I was pleasantly surprised to find out just how influential Atlantic Starr was to Hip-Hop. How many Hip-Hop artists actually sampled the group from Greenburgh.

In an era where you favorite recording artists are on ‘where are they now specials’ working at a car wash or desperately trying to stay relevant via the latest reality television show, the band continued to tour everywhere from across the United States, Singapore, England, Germany and Japan, but, their foundation had always been, and will always be Greenburgh. And they have been sampled from everyone from local artists like Jadakiss, Brand Nubian and Mary J. Blige to West Coast artists Nipsey Hussle, Nate Dogg and Warren G and The Luniz to R&B artists Usher, Tyrese, Chico DeBarge, Jahiem and Keyshia Cole, Montifah and Erykah Badu just to name a few.

In the Westchester Music Issue we showed to great contributions artists from Westchester made to R&B and Hip-Hop. Atlantic Starr’s music continues to live through the next few generations through the artists that sampled them, see a list of tracks I found that sampled Greenburgh’s own Atlantic Starr.

Secret Lovers (1985)
I’m Goin Back by Jadakiss feat. Nesha (2004) – Multiple Elements
The Way We Live by Noreaga feat. Chico DeBarge (1998) -Vocals / Lyrics
Problems by Next feat. Koffee Brown (1997) – Vocals / Lyrics
Love in This Club, Part II by Usher feat. Beyoncé and Lil Wayne (2008) – Hook / Riff

Let’s Get Closer (1982)
Nobody Does It Better by Nate Dogg feat Warren G (1998) – Multiple Elements
A+Z by A+ feat. AZ (1996) – Hook / Riff
I’ve Changed by Jaheim feat. Keyshia Cole (2007) – Multiple Elements
Closer Than Close by Nipsey Hussle (2008) – Multiple Elements
Closer Than Close by Luniz feat. Dru Down (2002) – Multiple Elements
Let’s Get Closer by Bow Wow (2011) – Multiple Elements
Closer Than Most by French Montana (2009) – Multiple Elements
The Hard Part by Joe Budden (2011) – Multiple Elements
My Arms Are the Brooklyn Bridge by Lil B (2012) – Multiple Elements
Closer Than Friends by Domino and Mo (2006) – Vocals / Lyrics

Second to None (1983)
Street Life by Mic Geronimo feat. Monifah (1997) – Multiple Elements
Lonely at the Top by Parlay (1996) – Multiple Elements
2nd to None by Dolla Boy feat Tity Boi & Raekwon (2007) – Multiple Elements

Always (1987)
Dead Bent by MF DOOM (1997) – Vocals / Lyrics
Reality Used to Be a Friend of Mine by P.M. Dawn (1991) – Multiple Elements
4 Ever by Method Man feat. Megan Rochell (2006) – Vocals / Lyrics

Am I Dreaming (1980)
Am I Dreaming by Wale (2005) – Multiple Elements
Throw Some D’s (Cookin’ Soul Remix) by Cookin’ Soul (2008) – Multiple Elements

All in the Name of Love (1987)
The M.I.C. by MF DOOM (1998) – Hook / Riff

Touch a Four Leaf Clover (1983)
Life on the Line by AZ (2007) – Multiple Elements
4 Leaf Clover by Erykah Badu (1997)

Send For Me (1980)
Send For Me – by Rich Boy (2009) – Multiple Elements
Shame – by Tyrese (2015) – Vocals / Lyrics
Bladey Mae Beat 47 by 9th Wonder (2013) – Multiple Elements
Don’t Ask My Neighbor by Tisha Campbell and Tichina Arnold (1997) – Vocals / Lyrics

When Love Calls (1980)
Willing & Waiting by Mary J. Blige (2003) – Multiple Elements

Mystery Girl (1980)
Double Shots by Mobb Deep feat. Big Noyd (2003) – Multiple Elements

Once again, Black Westchester salutes Atlantic Starr for their contribution to Black Music!


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