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Social Media & Social Media Marketing – What’s It All About!

BW's Adds New Social Media Section - For Everyone From The Social Media All-Stars To The Social Media New Jacks

Are you confused and/ or overwhelmed by social media? If the answer to that question is yes, you are not alone. In the book The Social Media Bible – Tactics, Tools and Strategies For Business Success by Lon Safko, they found out of more than 1,000 people they surveyed (made of mostly professionals with annual incomes over $100,00 with college degrees from Associates to PhDs) 66.4% said they could not define what social media is. While 99.1% said they knew social media would have a significant effect on them and their business.

I found that is not exclusive to any genre, race, creed, color or your annual income. Basically while most people know they need it, or it could make a major impact in the success of their business, most people do not understand what it is or how to properly utilize it for their business or brand. If you feel like that is you, BW has created a new section dedicated to Social Media and Social Media Marketing.

I am often told by friends and family, I know I need to get into social media but I don’t know where to get started. I find myself often advising and consulting others on the best strategies to grow their business or brand. I often get hired to help companies and groups set up their social media strategies. Since it seem to come up in conversations often, with friends and family trying to pick my brain for tips, I have begun to write a book on the topic. After a conversation with a local civil organization, it became evident that we need to deal with social media more on Black Westchester. While it is the new way to communicate, many do not know how to use it or even how set it up effectively.

Being an online News Magazine, social media is crucial to how we communicate and relay information or report the news to the public. Most find stories and/ or topics that relate to them and reach out to us to share their stories, cover events or help them get answers when it seems like no one else can help or they don’t know where to go, they find us via social media.

Social media is most effective when its a two-way conversation. We are a Westchester, NY based online publication, but reach a global audience thanks to social media and the internet. In a recent interview, Byron Allen told BW there are many Black-owned newspapers that have been around for years are struggling because they don’t know or can’t afford to go digital.

In this section we will lay out a few of the most popular social media sites, explain how they work, go over some of the biggest misconceptions and help you determine which social networks are best for your business or brand.

In this day and age of multi-media, getting “social” is a very important component to a successful marketing plan. There are over a (100 thriving social media sites online and counting) it can be enough to make one’s head spin. According to Statista – the Statistics Portal: In 2016, it is estimated that there will be around 2.13 billion social network users around the globe, up from 1.4 billion in 2012.

So where do you start when deciding what social media sites to choose, to use in your marketing strategy?
In this section we will list some of the most popular ones and break them down to show you how each one works. So you will be able to decide which ones will most benefit your business or brand.

Note: Social Media Marketing is a timely investment. You do not need to choose everyone, just the ones that will most benefit your business or brand. Once you identify you audience, it’s important to choose that channels that align with your audience to get the most success out of the use of social media.

harvard-business-reviewBottomline is social media has arrived, but companies and individuals still aren’t sure what to do with it.

Fifty-eight percent of companies are currently engaged in social networks like Facebook, microblogs like Twitter, and sharing multimedia on platforms such as YouTube – but research from the Harvard Business Review Analytics Services report “The New Conversation: Taking Social Media from Talk to Action” finds that much of the investment in social is future-oriented, reports Business Insider.

The emergence of Internet-based social media has made it possible for one person to
communicate with hundreds or even thousands of other people about products and the
companies that provide them

The new BW Social Media section will cover everything to new trends, tips for those who want to be more effective in the social media marketing, and those who want to learn what social media is all about! If you have any social media questions or want to share you expertise with others as a guest columnist feel free to hit us at Users Of The World, Unite: Let’s Get Social!

AJ Woodson, Editor-In-Chief
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