June 10, 2023
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Can Snail Enzyme Make “Es-car-go” Away..?

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The many benefits of snail enzyme!


Just the title alone makes you want to say thanks but no thanks, but If your anything like me you want to know everything there is out there to have that youthful glowing looking skin.
One day, after a diamond microdermabrasion treatment my Esthetician applied a cream with “angry” snail enzyme infused in it. Up until then I had only used natural products ( pure vitamin C & E, Shea Butter etc) I jumped up in concern! She reassured me I would love it, addressed my concerns and put my mind at ease. I remember touching my face about 20 minutes later in amazement, 2 weeks after incorporating it into my beauty regiment, my life has never been the same! I started to research all the advantages of using this particular product and ensure my face wouldn’t fall off. If anything was going to happen hell I’m already waist deep, but the way my skin felt and looked convinced me I was just going to have to take one for the team!
Whether it’s hyperpigmentation (scars that darken on the skin) due to acne scarring, or stretch marks due to weight loss/gain or pregnancy were always looking for something to soften the blow of out skin having changed.

My first recommendation when it comes to all skin care is to treat from the inside out. Not to sound like grandma or the local dermatologist but the consumption of at the least 6-8 glasses of water per day is imperative! Let’s take a minute to go over the benefits of what increasing your water intake does for the body:

* Drinking water on an empty stomach helps purify the colon making it easier for the body to
absorb nutrients
* Boost the metabolism by 24% when done in the morning and helps aide weight loss
* Purges the bloodstream and body of toxins gives the skin a natural glow (add lemon slice for a
boost Vitamin C is excellent for the skin)
* Balances the bodies lymph system to help fight infection
* Prevents constipation
* Promotes heathy heart, helps ward off cancer

I also like to promote juicing as often as possible or juice fasting. It provides a mini vacation for your digestive system, allowing your organs that eliminate waste a chance to cleanse by removing excess waste material. Under the care of a nutritionist or physician, it’s good to do this a couple of times of year to achieve an overall healthy lifestyle.

imageNow back to the reason your reading, did you know the slime of a snail is one of the most beneficial substances to heal, repair and renew the skin?

Enzymes of snail, among other things, encourages the formation of collagen and elastin in your skin, and contain other wonderful and underutilized substances that were previously unknown. Earliest uses for this product dates back to Ancient Greece, France and Africa. Now I’m not saying go kill snails in your front yard put them in the blender and apply it. I’m saying do your own research, dermatologist recommend that if you are trying snail enzymes start with a small amount, do a skin test it to make sure your not allergic and use as directed to achieve desired result. Note that your body probably hasn’t come in contact with this enzyme since childhood playing in a yard so you could very well have an adverse reaction to it. It is NOT recommended for people with sensitive skin! I must also warn you that not all products that contain snail advertised are effective. Many companies know the benefits and unfortunately some will sell you anything. One that is effective and can serve to repair and heal the skin should contain the slime when snail produces a stimulus for defense (as when in stress). The saliva secreted when they are moving is not effective for these purposes! You must make sure the product you choose states this under the ingredients! When the snail is under stress, it secretes protein and rich in aforementioned components, which are responsible for the repair, regenerative and the reconstructive activity in your skin.

Active components of the snail:

Proteases: avoid that new blood vessels become damaged, besides favor the deposition of collagen in the layer of the arteries
Fibrinolytic enzymes: have the function to clean the micro-capillaries, promote nutrition and oxygenation of cells and repair damaged tissues or in addition to vessel remodeling.
Natural Antibiotics: combat fungi and bacteria staying on the skin such as acne and dandruff
Allantoin: substance that stimulates cell proliferation and the reconstruction of damaged tissues. In some preparations it is used to treat ulcers, wounds and burns
Collagen: works as a powerful skin regenerator which causes cell reproduction leaving skin smooth and soft. This property helps to repair your own shell when it breaks
Elastin: a substance that tightens the skin by producing rejuvenated cells, which quickly removes wrinkles around the eyes and lips, stretch marks, scars, etc
Glycolic acid: an excellent exfoliant that removes dead cells and stimulates the birth of new, fighting spots, stretch marks, scars, Habosem, etc
Vitamins: with the proper vitamins of slime, vitamin A and E, powerful antioxidants that enhance the results of this product.
Again if you are going to take the plunge and use snail enzyme make sure it’s from a quality vendor and contains snail when under stress. Apply it to clean skin only at night when the skin repairs itself. Use product for at least 30 days to see a noticeable difference, although you will notice a difference in your skin almost immediately. Boost results by drinking one to two liters of purified water a day with lemon if possible. Eat natural super foods like Avacado, nuts, spinach, beets, papaya, EVOO ( extra virgin olive oil) and omega-3 Rich foods like Salmon etc. If you are a person on the go, I recommend Amazing Grass Green Superfood. On days when you can’t get enough leafy greens mix a scoop with Apple,Cranberry, natural juice of your preference or smoothie and your good to go!

So what do I say to the use of snail enzymes? ” SNAILED IT” lol.. Yes snail enzymes combined with my daily beauty regiment in my opinion does work! Is a great product containing this ingredient expensive? It could be, depending on your region, but worth the investment! If your skin has been feeling “sluggish” lately give it a try! Feel free to sound off on your thoughts below!

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