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Simone Biles Should Be Applauded For Her Decision, Not Judged!

I have been reading a lot of haters judging Simone Biles from the armchair in their living rooms who could not walk a mile in her shoes. This young lady owes no one anything. Not the sport, not the Olympics, not her team, and especially not this country that don’t love Black People who only want to ride with her when she is breaking records and making the country look good cause she winning gold medals.

Instead of judging her, pray for her health and well-being. And wish her well no matter what she decides to do and shut the hell up! She is more than gymnastics and has broken every record and done what no one before her has done.

Even not being her best and being penalized she scored the higher than everyone else. If she feel she not on her A game and can’t perform at the level she know she can and sits this one out, so be it. At the age of 24, she is already and will always be a champion. She has one 30 Olympic and World Champion Medals. Biles is the most decorated American Gymnast and is regarded by many to be one of the greatest and most dominant gymnasts of all time. So what she didn’t bring the country more gold medals in Toyko, her well-being is worth more than any Olympic Gold Medals. At 4′ 8″ she stands taller than all her haters.

I read comments where people said they would rather have see her try and fail, calling her a quitter. She should be applauded and supported for her actions. Mental Health is REAL. You have no idea the pressure she has been under since 13 years old or younger to be the best. No idea what has has survived and endured.

All the haters need to GTFOH with that BS. She is a hero and role model and does not have to be what you want her to be or do what you want her to do. I applaud her! And give the gas face and middle finger to anyone who has anything negative to say!


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