May 28, 2023
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Shooting Suspect Filmed Himself Killing Former Colleagues, Claiming To Be Victim of Racism

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WDBJ TV reporter Alison Parker, cameraman Adam Ward were gunned down in Virginia live on air as Parker was interviewing Vicki Gardner, Wednesday morning. Parker and Ward both died. Gardner was shot in the back and is in a local hospital.

The suspect has been identified as 41-year old Vester Lee Flanagan, who’s  on-air name is Bryce Williams. Flanagan, a black man, has claimed racism in the past about a former employer and he made similar allegations on Wednesday about Parker.

After the shooting Wednesday morning, Flanagan posted on Twitter making allegations of racism against Parker alleging that she had made a racist remark about him.

It’s reported that Flanagan  not only filmed himself shooting Ward and Parker, he also posted the video on social media. Both Twitter and Facebook have taken down his accounts.

In 2000, Flanagan sued an employer WTWC-TV, a North Florida TV station, claiming that his boss had called him a monkey. Flanagan settled the lawsuit for an undisclosed sum.

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