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Chairman Lafayette: Democratic Senator Should Support Democratic Nominee For Mayor

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MOUNT VERNON, NY SEPTEMBER 30, 2015: In response to news that Senator Ruth Hassell-Thompson, a sitting Democratic State Senator who represents a section of Mt. Vernon and large section of the Bronx, vows to run against the Democratic Nominee Councilman Richard Thomas for Mayor in the November General Election who was elected by the Democratic voters in the Primary Election, Mt. Vernon Democratic City Committee and Westchester County Democratic Committee Chairman Reginald LaFayette issued the following statement:

“Councilman Richard Thomas won the Democratic Primary for Mayor of Mt. Vernon by a landslide 1,500+ votes more than Senator Hassell-Thompson. Ignoring the wishes of the voters who elected Councilman Thomas as Democratic nominee is a monumental mistake.”

“Senator Hassell-Thompson is a Democratic Senator and she should respect the Democratic Party by coming together with all Democrats to support Councilman Thomas as the Democratic candidate for Mayor of Mt. Vernon.”

“Over the coming weeks Democrats will be out in force in Mt. Vernon to ensure that Councilman Thomas is elected as the next Mayor! I am certain that in the coming weeks, more and more endorsements will be announced to show support for Councilman Thomas throughout not only the city but the state. We will work with him to build an even stronger Democratic Party and better Mt. Vernon.”

“Any decision or attempt to divide the Democratic Party at a time when I am working hard to unify Democrats in Mt. Vernon is a bad decision.”

“The bottom line is Councilman Thomas won significantly! The voters feel that Councilman Thomas has the vision and enthusiasm to take this city into the future and build on the history of Mayor Vaccarella, Mayor Sharpe, Mayor Blackwood, Mayor Davis and Mayor Young, all good Democrats who left a legacy of moving this City forward.

“We ask that all Democrats rally around Councilman Richard Thomas for Mt. Vernon’s future as he builds his legacy.

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