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MVCSD President Lesly Zamor Explains The School Board Pilot Lawsuit

Mount Vernon City School Board President Lesly Zamor has been making the rounds discussing the school board’s intentions to commence a lawsuit against the City of Mount Vernon requesting the City enact a moratorium on approvals of all PILOT agreements involving the development of residential property located within the Mount Vernon City School District for a period of one year.

The Board of Education voted to have the School Attorney commence a lawsuit against the City of Mount Vernon, its officers, employees and agents, and such other persons or entities as shall be necessary to protect the interests of the MVCSD and the educational services available to students of the District, at their Tuesday, October 18th meeting.

Despite the fact, School Board President Zamor’s various speaking engagements throughout the city, many of you have contacted BW asking us why the school is suing the city? Asking BW what is it all about?  So in our continuous effort to provide the residents information that traditionally doesn’t trickle down to everyone, we obtained a video  recorded by Joe Pombo, of one of these community discussions so you can hear from the man himself. Empowering the residents with the information so they can make informed decisions.

In the video below you can see and hear Mr. Zamor explain the School Board Pilot Lawsuit to the Chester Hill Park Neighbors Association, a neighborhood organization encompassing Columbus to Auduban and California to Sherman Avenues in the city of Mount Vernon.

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  1. Dr. Silvia Lloyd // January 16, 2017 at 4:54 PM //

    Now that’s real talk. Bravo Mr. Zamor for speaking on this issue. Keep up the good work.

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