Black Law Enforcement: District Attorney Scarpino Do Something about Joseph Spiezio!

As a national organization of Law Enforement Professionals we are outraged of the ongoing criminality of the Richard Thomas Administration concerning the Mount Vernon Police Department. 

On March 15, 2019, the Thomas Administration fired Commissioner Shawn D. Harris. On information and belief it was retaliation against Commissioner Harris for requesting an investigation of former Deputy Police Commissioner Joseph Spiezio for refusing to return a Police SUV, Deputy Police Commissioner Badge and Identification. 

Mr. Spiezio was recently detained by New Rochelle Police for driving without any proper identification. The police ID check came back that Mr. Spiezio did not have any NY state Identification. According to the Journal News report. The police report listed his residence in Longboat Key, Florida. 

Mr. Spiezio not being a resident of NY is a violation of New York Consolidated Laws, Public Officers Law -PBO 3-b(1), appointment to a sworn law enforcement position requires New York State Residency.

February 7, 2016, Mr. Spiezio was fired by Commissioner Harris for driving city’s police SUV without proper NYS Drivers License. 

Mr. Spiezio is also named as an unindicted co-conspirator by the NYS Attorney General’s office in Mount Vernon Mayor Thomas criminal indictment!

Since 2016, Our organization have requested numerous times of  the Westchester County District Attorney Office to investigate Mr. Spiezio and the purversive criminality in the Mount Vernon Police Department.  Currently the District Attorney’s office is allowing a civilian without any NYS Drivers License to run freely throughout Westchester County with a police SUV, badge and ID is putting every citizen in danger! 

As Law Enforcement Professionals, we are outraged at the lack of urgency by our elected officials, county and state Law Enforcement agencies to stop this ongoing criminality in one of its major cities in Westchester County.  

As Black Law Enforcement professionals, we question, do Black Lives Really Matter in Mount Vernon?  Would this level of criminality in a police department go unchecked for so long if this was a white community in Westchester?

To this end, we are demanding state or federal oversight of the police department and the immediate apprehension and arrest of former Deputy Police Commissioner Joseph Spiezio for impersonating a Law Enforcement official.

For the last three years, Mr. Spiezio has made a mockery of the Westchester courts, the Mount Vernon Police Department and law enforcement as a whole, as well as its justice system. It shocks the conscious of how one man can create so much chaos through law enforcement, the courts, and our justice system and not be held accountable.

Enough is Enough!

Damon K Jones
Blacks In Law Enforcement of America