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SBD Digital Media presents Episode 2 of “Ownership: Free Money”

The Next Generation Of Black Owned Businesses In New York

Summary: SBD Digital Media presents Episode 2 of “Ownership” short documentary series about the next generation of Black-owned businesses in New York 

About the Short Film: Grants have long been a critical source of capital for businesses, but Black-owned businesses are not gaining access to them at the same rates as other businesses. What led to this distribution inequality and how does it impact the financial opportunities of business owners? How are the next generation of Black-owned businesses in New York overcoming this challenge? 

These are the questions that will be explored in a SBD Digital Media short documentary called “Ownership: Free Money” featuring Black business grant recipients. This is episode 2 in the Ownership short documentary series about the next generation of Black-owned businesses in New York. 

About the Director & Executive Producer: Sayidana Brannan-Douglas is a 24-year-old documentary director and producer based in Yonkers, New York. For the last 3 years, she has honored Black History Month by highlighting Black-owned businesses through a video produced by her business SBD Digital Media. 

In 2019 and 2020, she created individual video spotlights on Black student entrepreneurs at her university, who were starting a business while in college, like she did. In 2021, she took it to the next level with a short documentary called Ownership. Episode 1 was about why it actually makes a difference to buy from Black-owned businesses and the 3 things they need to grow economically. 

This year, she is turning Ownership into an annual series, and “Free Money” will be Episode 2. 

Featured Businesses: The short film will feature Alfonso and Jamila Wright, the owners of Brooklyn Tea, Karl Franz Williams, the owner of 67 Orange Street, and Tammeca Rochester, the owner of Harlem Cycle. It will also feature the grantor perspective of the Director of the Columbia-Harlem Small Business Development Center. 

How to Watch: “Ownership: Free Money” will premiere on YouTube on Friday, February 25, 2022, with a virtual live watch party! The premiere will start at exactly 7 pm. Please arrive on time so you don’t miss the beginning.


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