Sam Rivers, Mt Vernon’s Unpopular Community Activist Exposes New Facts In Raynette Turner Death

Samuel L. Rivers press conf. [Black Westchester]MT. VERNON, NY (August 4, 2015) – Mount Vernon’s unpopular Community Activist Samuel L. Rivers held a press conference in front of the Mount Vernon Police Department, Monday again calling on the United States Department of Justice and the United States Attorney to be the lead investigative agencies probing the death of Raynette Turner, who died while in custody of the Mount Vernon Police Department.

When Rivers was asked by a reporter why he feels AG investigation isn’t good enough, he responded “I have no faith in Attorney General Eric Schneiderman conducting impartial and fair investigation…”

We caught up to Rivers after the press conference for further clarification.

“Having the United States Department of Justice as the lead investigative agency is the only way to ensure a full, transparent, and thorough investigation ” Rivers  tells BW.

On Friday, Rivers made the same allegation at a previous press conference in front of the MVPD and where he also revealed the fact that Turner had thrown up in an upstairs holding cell at the Mt. Vernon City Court. Turner was returned to her cell without being given any further medical treatment. This key information about Turner’s death was not released to the media and the public and was only confirmed by State officials after inquiries from the media.

Rivers who is currently in a court case calling for Davis to be removed from the ballot in the upcoming primary, made available to the public, new details surrounding the death of Raynette Turner not previously released by Davis’ office and the MVPD. He shared previously unreleased information including what he called ‘official misconduct’ regarding the Supervising Officer in the Turner Death who refused to let Turner go on a desk appearance ticket. (“D.A.T.”).

“The Supervising officer has a history of misconduct, was demoted because of this misconduct, and has a reputation of terrorizing African-Americans in the Mount Vernon Community” said Rivers shares with BW. “This officer is still on the job and has not been placed on modified duty pending the outcome of any said investigation involving the death of Raynette Turner.”

See video of the entire press conference below.

Sam Rivers also went nose-to-nose with Mayor Davis’ attorney Monday morning in NY State Supreme Court, with the judge hearing arguments from both sides, reports the Mount Vernon Inquirer.
Case Law took center stage, as Davis’ attorney presented two prior cases to the judge, stating that both prior rulings are relevant to the ongoing case.
The judge ordered Rivers to review said cases and present his argument on Tuesday, August 4.  He promised that a final decision will be made by him on Friday, August 7.
Those that are following the case are doing so with great interest and concern, since Rivers is impressing many with his legal expertise, and the chances that he may force Davis to resign is not looked at as far fetched or a joke anymore.
“I think I have complied with all legal requirements while representing myself, otherwise the judge would have tossed the case. Right now I feel comfortable that I will be successful in forcing Mayor Davis to step down as mayor,” Rivers told the MV Inquirer.

Black Westchester will keep readers apprised on the outcome of the case, when a decision is rendered by the judge later this week.  Stay tuned to BW for further details on these developing stories.