May 28, 2023
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NR Councilman Jared Rice Endorses Bernie Sanders For President

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New Rochelle, NY, — Just days after being sworn-in for his second term as New Rochelle Councilman, Jared Rice announced on social media, Wednesday, his official endorsement of Democratic Presidential Candidate, Bernie Sanders. A bold move to be the first elected official to support the junior United States senator from Vermont, in Westchester County, the adopted home of Hillary Clinton.

“I’m by myself on this one as the only (first) elected official in Westchester County to publicly endorse Bernie Sanders for President,” Councilman Rice tells BW. “We spoke yesterday, and he told me that we can’t be afraid to fight for the right cause. Hands down, of all the candidates, his agenda is best for America.”

Clinton was heavy supported in the region when she ran for New York State Senate and is expected to have supported in a similar fashion in her bid to become the first female President of the United States. While there seems to be a small movement of Westchester Democrats ‘Feeling The Bern,” no elected officials have publicly pledged their support of Sanders, until now. BW asked Rice, who was also sworn in as Deputy Mayor of New Rochelle for 2016, why he broke ranks.

“This election is not about predicting winners and losers,” Rice responds to BW. “It’s about who has the best agenda to move this country in the right direction. That’s why I’m supporting Bernie. I’m inspired by his ideas”.

Sanders starred in many major media outlets headlines going into the New Year for his strong stance calling for a federal investigation into the death of Tamir Rice at the hands of rookie Cleveland police officer, Timothy Loehmann.

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