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Outraged Residents Heckle Mayor Thomas After City Council Presser

'Lies! Lies!' 'You gotta go, you gotta go...' Mount Vernon residents scream at mayor... There was no screaming match between Mayor and Council as previously reported by other news outlets

“Lies, Lies,” “No more corruption,” “Not true,” “We want you gone, get out,” “You’re A Liar,” “We want you gone,” “We want him out,” “He got to go,” “You are corrupt,” “Tell the people why you stop the budget for the soup kitchen,” “Tell the truth,” “You gotta go, you gotta go…”

 These were some of what was being shouted out to, or about Mayor Richard W. Thomas when he attempted to address the press after the City Council press conference on the stairs of the Mount Vernon Police Dept., Tuesday morning.

While many media outlets wrote or reported there was a shouting match between the Mayor and the Council, the Council concluded their presser and were proceeding to leave when the cameras moved over to the mayor to get a few words from him. The shouting and screaming were from residents of Mount Vernon, most of the individuals who were part of the press conference either left or were standing across the street in front of City Hall watching as utter chaos erupted.

One resident told Black Westchester, “Say what you want about Mayor Davis but she has never been publicly disrespected like this in his entire 16 years in office.” A second lady added, “Neither has Clinton.”

After recording the melee, I can be heard on camera saying to myself I have never seen such outright disrespect from a mayor in the city or in the county that I can remember. The mayor quickly lost control of the situation as the residents loudly expressed their frustration in the leadership. To be fair there was one lady who complimented the mayor and told him, he thought he was doing a great job. The mayor thanked her and told her she was the silent minority. As you can hear in the video she was definitely the minority out there.

I asked a question inquiring had the Mayor and his team at least identified any potential candidates for Police Commissioner yet? As you can see from the video below, the residents began to yell, scream and heckle the mayor so loud, that it was impossible to even hear his response. The scene quickly became chaotic and was a black eye on the entire city.

Once again in closing, I want to reiterate, despite the reporting of other news outlets, there was only one press conference which was relatively peaceful. The Council and the Mayor did not have a screaming match. The mayor who News 12 reports crashed the presser, was quiet while the council and community leaders called for federal oversight into the MVPD. He could be seen shaking his head in denial but he didn’t speak or shout while they talked. And more importantly, the Council did not engage in a shouting match with the mayor when he had his turn to speak. To be clear the screaming and shouts of disapproval were all from outraged and frustrated Mount Vernon residents and you can see and hear that for yourself in the video below.


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