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Joseph Spiezio, Real Recognize Real And You Do Not Look Familiar by Anthony C. Mitchell


“The city of Mount Vernon expects each and every one of the employees in government to uphold the highest standard of ethics, accountability and respect for the life of every person in Mount Vernon,” Mayor Thomas said in a statement. “The Thomas Administration is requiring background checks, drug testing, and training classes – when appropriate – for all employees.”

This is the man the Mayor has as the Deputy Police Commissioner of the MVPD???? Let me make myself perfectly clear Deputy Police Commissioner of the MVPD of the Mayor THOMAS administration. Our youth, senior citizens hard working men and women and parents who have lost loved one to violence in this City, Westchester County and in this State and Country are on social media observing these conversations and your disregard for ethical behavior as a active Deputy Police Commissioner, which is reprehensible and should be unacceptable by the Thomas administration especially with all the violence in the City of Mount Vernon.

I will no longer direct my responses to you (child acting) from this point on the Mount Vernon Leadership and community leaders will see your unstable immature behavior.


How can you question the behavior of our youth when the present Police Leadership the MVPD Deputy Commissioner goes around insulting citizens because of their opinions, views and or political affiliations? What have you done to stem the violence in our community of Mount Vernon? I continue to ask a very important question, where is the Westchester County Executive, The New York State Governor, the Mount Vernon County legislator, the Mount Vernon assemblyman, Congressman and Senator where are these representatives why have they been silent about this man’s behavior, this is unacceptable?

Police Chiefs, Commissioners and all police Leadership should be appalled at this so-called Deputy Police Commissioner he’s an embarrassment to the Law Enforcement profession and puts the citizens of Mount Vernon and eventually Westchester County and New York State in Clear and present danger … Mayor Thomas, Westchester County Executive and all Mount Vernon elected officials, religious leadership and grassroots organizations WE THE PEOPLE will not tolerate this immature dangerous behavior anymore get rid of him or suffer the consequences at the voting booth …. RAW TRUTH!


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