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Ray Rice Pic and Jersey Taken Down At New Rochelle High School

Hometown Fans Remain Loyal Despite Public Scrutiny

From the NFL to New Rochelle the Ray Rice saga continues. Outside of Baltimore the is probably no place this is felt more than in New Rochelle, NY where Rice’s career began and where his young fans have ‘nuthin but luv’ and still remain loyal to their local legend.

New Rochelle High School, Rice’s alma mater has taken down his Baltimore Ravens jersey from its gymnasium and his picture off the wall of fame after the release of the infamous elevator tape. But despite mass scrutiny, NRHS students say ‘the scandal has not diminished their respect for the star running back, whose career took shape right here on this field not too long ago,’ according to Eyewitnesses News.

Pictures sent to Eyewitness News through Twitter show that the school has taken down Rice’s picture from its wall of fame and removed his Baltimore Ravens jersey as well.

And in a letter sent to parents Thursday, the principal wrote about Rice, “We condemn his actions and know that solving problems with physical violence is never acceptable.”

The school system itself also sent a letter to parents, acknowledging the community’s close ties to the Rice family, but also saying, “Our community stands united in the belief that physical violence to settle differences cannot be condoned.”

Meanwhile, the removal of Rice’s picture and jersey did not sit well with the students Eyewitness News spoke to Thursday. Clearly, they’re still fans.

Officials at New Rochelle High School also announced in that letter that the school’s upcoming human rights week this year will focus on domestic violence and women’s issues.


NRHS students put Ray Rice back up on wall of fame


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2 Comments on Ray Rice Pic and Jersey Taken Down At New Rochelle High School

  1. Ray was very luck and informed to avoid legal repercussions and he needs help clinically. He is no hero for our boys right now. They fill jails already. This is family-time to talk about life; regular challenges by foolish people [if] you have something or not; hitting; making it in life and sustaining success — based on avoiding all the known and unexplored hurdles.

    I know the Rice family well and not Ray because of his age. It is not their make-up!

    It is time to talk to our young men and young women and let Ray do what he has to do personally for his family and his future generations to understand what promotes behaviors that can take one’s freedom, life, and change hard earned the course of personal, professional and brand opportunities temporarily and/or permanently. Love him, her and all the impressionable kids and people now with –the village we once had for discussions!

    Ray’s destiny is evidently…is something “Meet the Press,” the President and the world is discussing. Don’t shut down our people. Our love of his family has nothing to do with the crisis our males in particular are in educationally, emotionally, socially and economically.

    It’s alright for us not to agree on the subject — but it’s not alright “not to show” up. Daughters are not blameless either so it’s time to talk! My feeling is…”Y’all Go On and Be Pro this and Pro That — But Don’t Hit Our Daughters!”. The video is a “father’s nightmare”. If she/they are not on your level or up-to-speed, then dismiss them.

    In my school classes kids in elementary, middle and high schools in NC students talked about the difference between how: Ray, Jayz and Chris Brown managed family/girlfriend issues. They wanted to talk. Perhaps they should…in a town near you. “The Color Purple” and “For Coloured Girls… ” made a lot of money talking about violence but we never had a community discussion about the issues. Ray is already famous for the field and the issue. Let’s make lemonade.

    W.Calvin Anderson, M.Ed.

  2. Peace.
    I waited long enough to weigh in on this…
    First, let me say that domestic violence is wrong. My father told me to NEVER hit a woman. I was taught by the woman who raised me NEVER TO HIT A WOMAN. She also taught me to NOT ALLOW A WOMAN TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF ME AND PUT HER HANDS ON ME! SHE said that if a woman THINKS it’s alright to hit a man, then it is alright for a man to HIT HER BACK!!!
    Look at this WEDDING VIDEO. This is the young man that I have known since he was a child. He comes from a loving and supportive family and community that is PROUD of him and his accomplishments! He has done marvelous things for the New Rochelle community as well as his adopted home of Baltimore. He is and has always been a great young man. Respectful. Well mannered. Intelligent. Strong. Giving. Yes, he made a terrible move. He was wrong. Tell me, have any of you ever done something wrong? Violated someone? Many of you standing in judgement have hit women before. Many of you have gone back to the men that have hit YOU! NOW YOU WANT TO SIT BEHIND A KEYBOARD AND FRONT LIKE THIS YOUNG MAN IS THE POSTER BOY FOR D.V.!!!
    Check yourselves before you try to reprimand someone else…
    I STAND IN SUPPORT OF RAY RICE and in support of his opportunity to better himself.
    I stand in support of his young family getting stronger and making it through these tumultuous times. If you disagree with me, that’s fine. Whenever I see Ray on television, I just remember the little boy who played YTL football, sitting in my barber chair, smiling and enjoying his life. You would ask for another chance.
    Give him a chance to redeem himself…

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