Rap Vs. Hip-Hop – Cash Vs. Culture by Isaac Hayes III

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With regards to Drake and Meek Mill Hip-Hop purists need a reality check and I’m gonna give it to you.

When it comes to Rap Music vs. Hip-Hop you must first understand that Rap music is to be SOLD FOR PROFIT inside the MUSIC BUSINESS.

rap vs hip-hop

Hip-Hop though is a FREE art form that is artistic, conscious and expressive. Being lyrically superior, socially conscious and loyal to the art form is what Hip-Hop music is about. The moment you bring Hip-Hop inside the music business it’s purpose is to be MONETIZED FOR PROFIT. When that happens there are No Rules on how Rap/Hip-Hop music is created. Ghostwriters, Hook Writers, Co-Writers & Solo Writers have all been part of Rap music from day one! This is nothing new.

My issue with purists is that you can’t place creative rules and restrictions upon yourself in a profit based industry. That’s just not smart business. The point of commercial music is to sell records & singles, become hits and win awards. That’s it.
You can’t get upset that the rapper closer to the purest form of hip-hop doesn’t sell more or isn’t appreciated more than an artist that is more marketable and has records that he may or may not have assistance on.

Jay-Z one of the greatest rappers of all time himself told you…

“If skills sold, truth be told, I’d probably be
Lyrically Talib Kweli
Truthfully I wanna rhyme like Common Sense
But I did 5 mill’ – I ain’t been rhyming like Common since…”

If you want the respect for being lyrically proficient that’s easy to achieve and it’s FREE. Get on YouTube or set up a mic on a stage and battle for supremacy. The problem is rappers want the money as well as the hip-hop respect. That is definitely possible and has been achieved by a great number of rappers. But without a doubt every single one of them has NEVER written every single word they ever rapped. Ever. Just sit back and enjoy the variety of what Rap/Hip-Hop music has become. That’s just my #MyAnREars
#Drake #MeekMill #Rap #HipHop

ikeIsaac Hayes III (also known as Ike Dirty), is the son of the late soul musician and actor, Isaac Hayes, who died in 2008. President of Isaac Hayes Enterprises, Manager, The Estate of Isaac Hayes, Songwriter, Producer & Voiceover Artist
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