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Councilman Rainey Steps Down From Position At V.A. To Continue Running For Mayor After GOP Threaten Lawsuit

Peekskill — While City Councilman and Mayoral candidate Andre Rainey was celebrating the win of his running mates, Vanessa Agudelo, Ramon Fernandez, and Colin Smith in Tuesday’s primary, Councilman Rainey was threatened by local GOP to resign from employment at V. A. Hospital or drop out of Mayoral campaign race or be sued.

Rainey would be in Violation of the HATCH ACT if he continues to run the race and keep his employment. The Hatch Act restricts federal employee participation in certain partisan political activities, like being candidates for public office.  The political activity restrictions apply during the entire time of an employee’s federal service.  Certain rules prohibit both on-duty and off-duty conduct.

When the GOP threatened Rainey with yet another frivolous lawsuit that win or lose, taxpayers would end being the biggest loser decided to resign from his position at the V. A. in Montrose to continue to run for mayor in the City Peekskill. Councilman Rainey released the following statement to Black Westchester to address the issue.

“Sometimes in our lives we may have to sacrifice our relationships, partnerships, for good. Many are hard to break. Emotions will be hurt and it becomes very difficult for the persons involved to come out of it. Because of circumstances, I’ve decided to resign from the V. A. in Montrose, to help run my city. Knowing that I was a highlight of some these resident Veterans’ days, I have to take yet again, another risk at doing what’s right for our people. I will still visit when permitted on campus and always have the respect for the veterans that have served this country. Also, another lawsuit from the local GOP is the LAST thing I want to bring to the local politics. Life is to go on and it is for the good that I make this stance in hopes the next person to run for office can realize how important it is for us to take a chance to improve the city, state, country or even world. It’s nothing to be horrified or sad about. When I think of frustration I simply say, “I’m losing my job to help my community, people like Martin Luther King Jr. lost his life.” Leadership takes chances. Keep me in your prayers, the motivation has increased. I love Peekskill, My city and I’m proud to be from here. November 7th, help me make it all worth it.”


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